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My girlfriend was traveling on her motorcycle to see family about 600 miles from home I put the tracker in her bags and so she was almost to where she was going witch is way out in the country with very little cell service so I couldn't get ahold of her and started to worry so I checked on my tracking device and could see that she wasn't moving anymore so I called her brother to go look for her I was able to direct him right to where she was broke down come to find out she took a wrong turn and was lost as well as being disabled she was only about 10 20 miles from where she was going but on the wrong road it was dark by the time her brother found her she was walking in the wrong direction and could have been a bad deal she was cold but alright her brother Douglas bought one of your tracking devices he was so impressed that i was able to direct him to her when he wouldn't have known which Road she was on save the family reunion and I was relived to hear that she was ok and safe love it when you get to be the hero without even being there i have other stories where it saved my butt satellite not cell I can see where ever it is very cool.