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  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 580

Since I bought the tracker I have peace of mind cause I know we're he is at all times best part it's been 2 year he has no idea about the tracker and he tell me we're is working and matches with what the tracker is the best thing I have ever bought it worth every penny our marrige have grown and i sleep better knowing his not cheating on me I live in peace thank you landairsea for bringing me peace i do recommended it to my friends that I know they need one i recommend 2 units while one is in use the other one is charging so u can switch right away it has lots of uses if your vehicle gets stolen u will know we're it is it worth every penny love it how long IAM going to used the unit for ever why not keeping peace of mind cause u will never know cheater is always a cheater so i will be ready