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Scott Morgan

  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 234

I have used them in my business on a few work vehicles and the Silvercloud app on my computer performs awesome! I've been able to at a glance tell where my employees are and be able to update customers when they are on the way to their job site which most company's do not do. I attest that this service has added to my already in place "customer service is our first priority!" mindset and my business has grown exponentially because of it. More recently it also saved my marriage because my wife was being sneaky when out and about, and come to find out she was just going to the gym to get in shape for me! :-) Thank you very much LandAirSea! Your service is priceless in many ways and a huge asset to my life. Warmest Regards, Scott Morgan P.S. The only improvement I would recommend would be to update the mobile app to have some of the same features as using the app or website on a computer.