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We own our own small home improvement business, I made the decision to put trackers on the 3 vehicles, mainly due to the high gas prices then,I just wanted to see who if any employees were using vehicles with our gas for personal reasons.Well one day I get a call from a contractor telling me he only ran to the hardware store and when he got back our compressor and generator was gone.I advise him to stay on location I would send police to take his report,what a story he gave,after checking the tracking history on that vehicle I realized he was no where near a store but at a residence. I immediately called and was able to speak with the officer that was taking the report.To shorten this story I will tell you the police officer went to the address that was on the tracker history knowing it maybe a house or two off,but nope,he said when the guy came to the door he looked as if he saw a ghost he denied knowing anything about any equipment, the officer informed him they have evidence that the property maybe at that address he asked to search the gentleman refused,the office said he looked the guy in the face and asked was he sure about his response and is this how he wants it to be handled. We'll he said it tooled about 5 seconds and the guy showed him the equipment and told him the name of his friend (our EX employee)that asked him to hold it for a few days.In that one day our LandAirSea tracker saved us thousands and told us something about an employee I would have never 2nd guessed. Court date is still pending so I can't give any names or areas. But I'm soon very thankful for the accuracy that this tracker has. Thanks