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My 90 year old father has beginnings of dementia, but is still a good driver. He sometimes forgets his phone at home and we can’t keep track of him on Life 360. He also can’t call if he needs assistance somewhere around his 900 acres. He once stopped by a used equipment auction site, late one afternoon, to drive around and browse a few days before auction. The placed closed and the gate was locked with him still looking around. This happened to be a time that he forgot his phone. If it had not been for the LandAirSea puck I placed under the backseat of his truck, he may have tried something crazy, like try to climb the 7 foot fence around the area (or at least that what he said he was considering)(he is actually very fit for 90). I called sheriff’s department and they contacted the company who then sent out an employee, that lived nearby, to let him out of the gate. He and the company, MASTEC, were very understanding and helpful. Thank You, LAS and SilverCloud.