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After becoming suspicious that my husband was having an affair, I was looking for a way to confirm his whereabouts. He vehemently denied the allegations that he was stopping daily at the other womans house. Neighbors had been sending me pictures of his truck in her driveway. Funny enough, it was our marriage counselor who recommended an asset/car tracker! Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for him, my LandAirSea unit was able to provide the solid proof that he was in fact lying about when and how often he was visiting her. Having the ability to set up a geofence around the girlfriends house was key as I received a notification and an email every time he entered and exited her property. So when I finally called him out on his behavior and lies and he claimed that was the only time he lied, I was able to hand him the binder with the email print outs and told him "I know every single time you lied about being at her house." Thank you LandAirSea for reveling the truth and giving me peace of mind.