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Well how about having a gun put to your face and you watch your life flash by you your family you see them one by one alll you hear is give us your car or we're going to kill you do you understand all I can see is two guys and passenger door open I was parked at corner in a spot ready to go to my friends house to hangout. I threw myself on floor towards the door screaming please don't shoot me I don't want to even see your faces please I have a son . This whole time the back of my head was hanging out of the car and I remember thinking Def getting a bullet in my head all this happening so fast seconds felt like forever like it's a nightmare please wake up .Somehow got on my feet started running remember falling twice from feeling like I had no movement in My legs paralyzed I fell twice looking backwards to see them take off. My friend called the cops I couldn't remember my lisennce plate I said wait officer we can get these guys now in my car he said what I said I have a device thar tracks your car hidden they had my phone only access was a computer website knew my user and pw use it for most of my devices . Do you want justice how about your car coming back there faces when cops bombarded them down a street that there was nowhere to go trapped from every side guns drawn at you this time I never was there to see it but I heard there faces were priceless yes I wish they could have said say landairsea and now say for you jail JUSTICE HOWS THAT FOR JUSTICE DO I NEED TO GIVE YOU A BETTER REASON TO NOT THINK TWICE JUST DONT PLACE WHERE THEY CAN SEE IT ITS LITTLE IT WAS OVER IN ONE HOUR CAR BACK INSURANCE WAS OVERTHRILLED IM SURE BUT I WAS THE WINNER FELT LIKE ROCKY LAST ROUND WAS MINE WELL GOOD LUCK THAT SIMPLE DEVICE THIS SELLS ITSELF THANK YOU TO COMPANY AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL MAYBE IL HEAR A STORY SIMILAR TO THIS AND SMILE