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This last summer we had a three week trip to Europe planned. Part of the trip was hiking 170km around Monte Blanc in France, Italy, and Switzerland. We put a LandAirSea tracker in our carryon, so when we boarded our plane we could make sure our bag was below us in the cargo hold before we took off. If it wasn't when we arrived in Paris we were going to have to do some quick shopping for hiking gear because our hike started in three days. Along our hike we had hired a shuttle service to transport our bag town to town as we hiked during the day. Being able to see your bag at the hotel waiting for you made for a much more stress less trip. It worked great for us in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Portugal. Best investment we have made in a long time. Battery life is amazing too, only charged it two or three times on the whole trip.