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Success Stories


  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 464

This product has helped me keep track of my young teenage daughter and dealing with a crowd that is questionable at best. I was able to steer her in the right direction by keeping track of her and letting her know the dangers at this age in her life of associating with with wrong type of people. Thank you LAS!


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 1107

Purchased the LandAirSea54 unit to track contractors and it's worked like a charm. I'm able to keep them honest by having full transparency of whereabouts and track miles, hours on the job & locations. Highly recommended. Great value for the price!


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 287

This device gave me all the information I needed. Long battery life and gives a great pinpoint of location.


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 1032

I bought mine because I have suspicions that my boyfriend was lying to me about being faithful and believe me it has helped me out so much in a lot of areas such as trust and honesty! It has made me realize that sometimes you have to move on and go with your instincts and never doubt yourself when you have that “ gut feeling “ thank you so much for giving me a piece of mind! Kelly


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 886

Using this device got me a lot of my answers I was looking for. Had recently found out my ex was cheating on me and showed me every spot he went with his new girl. After we ended things I lost everything and had to start from rock bottom. These headphone would be very useful for my cleaning business I am just starting up😁 so I can clean and listen to music! 😊

Anthony Centurion

  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 187

I had to move from California to Florida for work and had to rent 2 Uhaul boxes to move my belongings across the USA. I had been reading nightmare stories of people getting their boxes stolen or lost so I did some research online and found this product on Amazon. I was tracking my boxes every 2-5 hours and the app was easy to acces. I would highly recommend. It sure made the wife happy.

Anthony Latham

  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 246

I have the is very good. I live in Aruba. That is a wonderful products.


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 583

Very good


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 34

Well, I ended up suspecting that my wife is cheating on me so I bought one and caught her about a week later with another guy

Kenneth Jones

  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 75

It's worth it