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Success Stories

Christopher Daniels

  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 385

I like it. I do a car show app I can track my cars to see when they coming back


  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 84

I use the product to keep track of my daughter who is in highschool. I have piece of mind knowing I can see where she is at any time. Thank you for a great product.


  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 358

This GPS tracker has given me the peace of mind of knowing I can find my property if it is stolen or misplaced, and my loved ones if we are separated. The cost is reasonable, and a good option if all you need is a current location. Though I haven’t needed it in a real emergency, I test it regularly, and it hasn’t failed yet. The degree of accuracy is impressive.


  • Categories: Tracking Parents
  • Survey Number: 44

My grandmother suffers from dementia...but is very physically healthy and active. It is attached to the metal under her walker. This helps me know where she is, and in real time so she can continue to enjoy her walks and safe freedom. Very thankful for this technology.

Hope Buckley

  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 45

Amazingly! They have allowed me to know where our vehicle is 24/7 for over a year now. I love this company and devices.


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 47

Every day!!


  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 48

I am able to monitor my teenager safely and be in relief knowing that I can find her when I need to.


  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 50

I use the landairsea gps products to track my fleet of commercial landscaping trucks and equipment. The app and website interface is easy to use. It's a cost effective way to see where all my crews are at a glance.


  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 889

It is awesome and relieved so much more stress off of me knowing where my kids are when they dont answer my phone calls


  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 989

I used the obd gps tracker to track my vehicle. It's very useful when you live your vehicle to the mechanic. I can see if they are use my car for their business...