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Success Stories

Stephanie Miranda

  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 974

I had my car stolen in July of 2022. I bought the tracker after it was found the day after. Then my car was stolen for the second time in September, I love that the trailer is able to magnetize and it was set in a secret spot. The criminals never found it and just like that I was able to track it down and give the cops the first exact location.


  • Categories: Business Operations
  • Survey Number: 159

My wife and I do restaurant deliveries through a well known company. We use the LandAirSea tracking deice to log our "business" mile for tax purposes. By doing this we can provide an accurate account of our mileage deductions for tax purposes. This "log" of our travel will back up our claims and any scrutiny from the IRS.

Shanece Ellis

  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 827

The product I bought benefitted me by allowing me to see and know where my child is at the moment and their movements. I also put it on my car and my fiancé car as well for just in case someone steal our vehicles for any area we are in we can track down the person who is driving. I appreciate it and it’s a big helping room to have


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 273

I bought this product for reasons most people probably don’t- I believed I was being tracked & followed. I put this on the persons car that I believed was tracking/following me and discovered I was correct. I would drive to random, out of the way places and watched the person drive right to me! This device confirmed my suspicions!!


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 178

I’ve purchased maybe 3 or 4. My 2 year old daughter is very active and she has a lot of cousins and aunties that want to take her places. I just slip the tracker in her backpack she always carries around and it’s perfect. It gives you options so you can see how often you want to get updated with the location. It’s perfect.


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 292

The LandAirSea product was excellent in my pursuit. I was skeptical about this product at first but It totally works and I was able to track the movements of person in question once placed in the vehicle. It was a success in that I found my partner was cheating even though they denied it. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you


  • Categories: Tracking Children
  • Survey Number: 356

I purchased a land C monitor to go in my van that my daughter frequently uses her ex-husband boyfriend whatever you want to call him he's a very abusive man so I need it to monitor where she was going with my grandchildren I was able to get to her before the police could one night after he had attacked her so I'm glad I have the product


  • Categories: Business Operations
  • Survey Number: 216

Very well . This is kind of embarrassing for me buy it help me coughed my wife cheating on me and now we r getting divorce now I got the custody of my kids got my new place. This tracking device is accurate and I recommend to anyone who wants to follow your truck whether you have a business or like my situation. 100% satisfaction..


  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 829

I bought ONE, thinking, " Oh what the heck! " Two months after, my $5000 trailer was stolen , the device not only found where it was, but was 15 ft off. The cops even said , he wanted one! Never seen one that accurate. I bought two more later. (( id be the first to call something " crap"...this is NOT!!))


  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 859

Well insurance is to expensive for my bike and rather put a good gps to track it if something happens and at the mean time my family could track me if something happened.. so for others I strongly recommend this good reliable product because we have best of both worlds :) & more . JP satisfied customer ��