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Success Stories


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 658

I love that I have a good location on my son because sometimes his phone signal goes out so if he gets lost or in a accident we know exactly where he is he also has one on my vehicle and we highly recommend this device to our family and friends


  • Categories: Trailers
  • Survey Number: 627

I have multiple cars and trailers that I rent out and LandAirSea tracking service gives me peace of mind that I know where every piece of equipment is at all times. That is why I trust this company to keep using thier products and services.


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 448

LandAirSea has benefitted me by helping me protect my then teenager while she was driving back and forth to school, work, friends, etc. I was able to see how fast she was going, where she was located and how long the car was at a location.


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 734

It's a great product? Especially Iwhen i can locate my vehicle at any time. Or just keep keep it in the. Kids back pack just to know where they are at anytime of the day this product really keeps your mind at ease because it works so well


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 707

It is one of the most reliable devices. Good enough to trust your love ones in case of an emergency. Also, I have to say that the customer service is great great communication, very professional. I would recommend this device and service.


  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 374

I loved the product. Super accurate and real-time location. The only con is the size of the device, would be nice if device could be smaller to get undetected. Customer services work and application. to track device is easy to understand.


  • Categories: ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles
  • Survey Number: 456

I have the device on my teen daughter’s car. It allows me to monitor her whereabouts. While I was in Jamaica for a wedding, I was still able to determine where she was. The best part of the service is being able to track her route.


  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 706

I flewcfrom des moines iowa to tampico Mexico, upon arrival my luggage was missing and they said they had no idea where it was and that it must be in Atlanta. I showed them the app location in Mexico city. The next day I had my luggage.


  • Categories: Trailers
  • Survey Number: 375

LandAirSea helps keep all my valuables safe , the company should be noticed more for the great customer service that is presented when asked for help . All in All I love LandAirSea and plan on making more purchases. Thank you LandAirSea


  • Categories: Insurance
  • Survey Number: 1005

I have it installed in my daughter's car just for safety reasons and in case something happened I'd know where the car is located. It also save $ for car insurance as well. It's good to have it. Very easy to setup and tracking the car.