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While it is great being able to use a LandAirSea GPS device to view what is going on with a vehicle or person, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share that location with someone who may be interested in that information?

There is a way to do this and maintain the privacy of your account.

Through the SilverCloud app and computer portal, you can generate what we call a ShareSpot. This function gives out a link to view a live feed of your GPS device. Not only can you generate a link to view, but you can also create an embeddable code to put onto your website. This way you can let your customers know where your vehicle is and when they can expect to see your employee.

We have seen hundreds of customers use the ShareSpot function— from helping recover an elderly family member, recovering a stolen vehicle/trailer, or updating customers on when their pizza will be delivered. 

Mobile companies utilize this function to display where they are currently located to draw in customers. With the rising popularity of the food truck business, you can see droves of people flocking to these trucks to try out new tastes. Having your truck tracked will allow you to give your customers a heads up as to where you are headed so they can be first in line.

Many contractors use our trackers to keep an eye on their trailers that are stocked with all of their supplies. The number one concern we hear from these people is that they want to make sure they can recover the trailer if it is stolen. If they happen to have their trailer stolen, you can easily generate the link and email it to local law enforcement. This way the police will have a location to start their hunt. We recently had a customer call in letting us know that, with the ShareSpot feature and our unit, he was able to recover his trailer that was stocked with $40,000 worth of equipment!

Are you traveling to visit some friends or family members soon? You can send your loved ones a ShareSpot link so they can keep an eye on your trip instead of calling every 10 minutes to see how close you are.

Speaking of family, in a prior blog we talked about Silver Alerts. Through ShareSpot, if your loved one happens to get lost, you can help your local police track down and find them. I recently fielded a call about an elderly grandparent going for a drive and ending up 3 states over! The family was able to get in touch with an officer in the area of the person and get them the live tracking so the officer could find them and safely assist the grandparent in getting home.

These are just a few stories out of the many we hear about how ShareSpot has helped someone. From helping your business advertise to making sure your loved ones are back home safely, the opportunities are endless.

If you have a story you would like to share, email me: or connect with us on Instagram @landairsea_systems or Facebook @landairseainc

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