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Silver Alert

To those of us out there with aging parents or grandparents, there are some frightening stories being told. 

I see them on the news almost daily. Silver Alerts for elderly loved ones that wander out into the world, and don’t come back home. These reports are normally dealing with patients with dementia, or Alzheimer’s. There is nothing more frightening than not knowing where someone you love is, or if they are safe.  

For those of us out there who have been in this situation, it is very difficult to wrangle someone who has always determined what you were allowed to do into following safety precautions so that these situations don’t happen. This causes fights, arguments, and often the loved one you are trying to help feels as though they are a child again. No one wants this, but it is something that at times becomes a necessity for the safety of those afflicted by these diseases.  

LandAirSea Systems tracking units offer an opportunity to maintain independence in these situations in an unobtrusive, and effective manner. With our units easily able to be slipped into the pockets of wheelchairs, and pockets it is easy to keep your peace of mind while allowing those you love to maintain their independent lives as long as possible. We have units that can be installed into vehicles and will allow you to know if your loved ones have arrived home safely, or if they’ve traveled to a location that they shouldn’t have. 

One of the many joys of my job is getting to speak with customers, and it warms my heart every time I get to hear that one of our units helped them locate a loved one. I’ve been told by customers that not only does this unit give them the peace of mind that they need, but has, in fact, saved someone’s life. If you need a little peace of mind to allow a loved one to venture out on their own we have the product for you.  


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