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Summertime Treats

My favorite memories of summertime always include ice cream.

I remember sitting outside waiting to hear the ice cream truck’s song come down my block so I could get a treat. Oftentimes I would sit out for an hour or so and get fed up waiting for them to come down my road so I would go back inside and end up missing the truck completely.

What if there was a way to google your favorite ice cream truck and find out its location… With LandAirSea devices you can get a GPS location for your ice cream truck and pass that along to your customers. It can also help make sure your fleet is going where the demand is.

With our Sharespot function, you can set up your website to have a live feed of the location of your trucks. With almost everyone having a cell phone and internet wherever they travel, anyone can look up and see where they need to go to get their tasty treat.

Along with passing the information to your customers, you can start pinpointing some of the hotspots in your area for sales as well as making sure no driver is parked and eating all of the ice cream themselves.

I know if I was a kid…. I would be constantly watching the live feed so I could get ice cream when I wanted instead of hoping they will happen down my street.

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