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The Great Puppy Escape

As a pet owner, I completely understand the frustration of owning a furry escape artist.

There is nothing more frightening than the moment you realize that they are no longer safe in the yard where they should be. The quick ones will spot their chance and jet out that door right between your feet. There have been many times that I have found myself either wandering through the neighborhood, leash, and treats in hand — desperately calling out hoping they will hear me and come running. I am very familiar with the slow creep in the car yelling out the open window trying to entice them back with a car ride.
I found that it didn’t matter with certain dogs if I turned my backyard into a veritable Alcatraz, some pets are just too smart for their own good. They find their way out no matter what precautions are put in place. When faced with what I affectionately called my Houdini dog, the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracking unit is invaluable. I don’t have to hunt, and hope that I find him before the unthinkable happens. I don’t have to hope that a good samaritan locates him, allowing the chip to be scanned so he can be returned. On the occasion that he finds his way under, over, or through the fence keeping him safe, I pull out my phone and just follow him.
The 54 unit is small enough that I can attach it to his harness with a little velcro pouch, and light enough that he doesn’t even notice it. The peace of mind it brings knowing that when he escapes, (and it really is just a matter of time before he finds a way around my reinforcements) I can locate him quickly. His freedom is short-lived with the real-time unit. I know that in my life as a pet owner, I have had at least three dogs that this would have been attached to at all times. For those of you who have a Houdini for a pet, I can’t say enough about the stress relief this unit provides.

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