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The Right Unit for You

When initially researching GPS trackers it can seem like you are climbing a mountain of information.

Units come in all shapes and sizes. Some have rechargeable batteries whereas others can be plugged directly into a vehicle for their power. Other options you can see are built in magnets, waterproofing, and/or the ability to adjust settings to make the unit more discreet. Depending on the usage for the unit can heavily influence which option you will go with.

Many driving based companies use units that plug into the OBD-II port on a vehicle. LandAirSea has the Sync-2 that plugs into the port and uses the power from the vehicle’s battery to operate. These units are great for fleet vehicles that spend a vast majority of their time on the road. This will keep you from being tied down to a rechargeable battery and having to physically check the unit daily. The units come with an internal backup battery in the case of the unit being dislodged from the port. The backup battery allows the unit to stay powered on and tracking if an employee happens to bump it out of the port entering/exiting the vehicle or if a disgruntled person decides to remove it from the vehicle. There is also an alert you can set up for this occasion! Through the web browser portal you can set up an app notification, text, or email alert letting you know the unit is no longer plugged in. 

If you are in need of a more discreet form of GPS tracking, then the LandAirSea 54 would be the unit for you. These units have a rechargeable battery, built-in magnet, and are waterproof. The 54 is the most versatile unit available. You are able to place the unit internally on a vehicle and also externally. These units have roughly 25 hours of driving available on the battery before they will need a recharge. We see these units used in police investigations to an employer checking in on an employee they are concerned with. 

Another of the various ways we see our units being utilized is keeping tracking of an elderly family member or young child. The LandAirSea 2020 unit is great for these options. It comes with a longer battery life than the 54. You should see about 30 hours of activity with this device. With the design of the 2020 it fits easily into a pocket or a backpack and will allow you to keep an eye on a family member and make sure they arrive at their destination and back home safely. This unit can also be used in cases of vehicle tracking but it will need an accessory case to give it waterproofing and the ability to magnet up to somewhere.

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