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Use GPS Technology to Protect Your Watercraft

From fishing boats to cabin cruisers to jet ski’s —buying a boat or small-watercraft is typically a substantial expense. Boats require a lot of care and maintenance throughout their use. This aspect is a recognized part of water-craft care and may take a large part of your time.

One thing you may not have thought about as a boat owner is that boat theft is on the rise but GPS tracking devices provide a simple and cost-effective solution to protecting your watercraft.

Boat Theft In The USA

According to BoatUS, only 1 out of 10 stolen boats are ever recovered. Nearly 5,000 watercraft were taken in 2017, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Additionally, out of the top 10 insurance claims – boats rank #9 on the list. This means that although boats and small-watercraft aren’t as common as cars and motorcycles, they still account for millions of dollars in insurance claims each year.

Although you’d imagine that the thieves have limited opportunity to sell a stolen boat, you’d be surprised. The black market for stolen boats is flourishing, and all thieves need to do is alter the hull identifier or falsify the registration. In general, once your boat is gone, it most likely won’t be recovered.

Typical Methods To Protect Your Boat or Small-Watercraft

In general, prevention is the key to all things. In the case of theft, thieves make it their specialty to find their way around all of your methods of prevention. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that boat owners use to prevent thieves from sailing away into the sunset with their dreamboat.

  • Choose a reputable marina with security
  • Make the boat difficult to move when docked
  • Install an alarm system

You’d think that these prevention tips would help, but they don’t deter thieves who specialize in stealing boats and small-watercraft. Since all of these tactics can’t stop boats being stolen in any marina, what can be used to track thieves down and get your boat back?

GPS Tracking Devices

The best technology that you can use to get your boat back is a GPS tracking device. These small devices can be placed in well-hidden spots in your boat or small-watercraft. Each GPS device is capable of relaying a real-time data stream of the boats’ pin-point location. By always knowing the location of your boat, you can contact the authorities, if you suddenly notice that your boat is missing.

Track Your Boat with LandAirSea at Every Moment

You’ll never lose a moment when you track your boat with GPS devices from LandAirSea. Their state-of-the-art tracking devices are ruggedly-built, waterproof, and incredibly discreet. Each of their GPS products boasts wireless connectivity, so you can conveniently use your phone, laptop, or tablet to monitor the whereabouts of your boat or small-watercraft at any time.

Considering the expense of a boat and insurance, it’s a no-brainer to invest as little as $24.95 per month for LandAirSea’s GPS 24/7 service to have peace of mind. If you own a fleet of boats or small-watercraft, then the $99 annual package will be just right for you. After dreaming of owning a boat for so long, it’s high-tide to give your boat or small-watercraft the protection that it deserves.

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