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FAQ's & Tips

Real-time Trackers

Q)  Why won’t it allow me to add my serial number?

A) If you get an error message after scanning the QR code then please contact our support team.  If you are typing in the number, make sure you are entering it correctly.  Make sure you aren’t registering twice.  If you created an account and completed the activation on our website, you simply need to use the same login credentials to access your account through the App.  

Q) Why is my device reporting in Chicago?

A) Your device has not updated yet. Make sure the device is turned on. For the 54, push the included tool into the on/off hole on the side. You will see flashing LEDs. Take it outside for a 10 minute walk or drive. The device will start working when you have (3) solid green LEDs.

Q) I went for a walk or drive and my device still isn’t reporting.

A) Make sure the device is turned on (you will see LEDs flashing). Place the device on the roof of your vehicle, or somewhere similar, and wait for the device to go into sleep mode (all lights off). Then wake it back up by moving it. If you do not get (3) solid green lights after a few minutes, contact our technical support team at 847-462-8100.

Q) When I log in, all I see is a map of the United States.

A) You did not complete the activation process. Complete activation here.

Q) Where should I place the device on the vehicle?

Whenever possible, place the device inside the vehicle. Under a seat, in the glove compartment, and the backseat pockets are all great options. If placing under a vehicle, attach it to a flat metal surface. Test the strength to make sure it is attached to steel and not a weak alloy metal. Place it at the lowest point to the ground and away from as much metal as possible. Do not place it where it is surrounded by too much metal as this can greatly affect reception and accuracy.

Q)   Why am I only getting two solid green lights on my unit?

A)  Your unit has not fully connected with the signals needed to transmit.  Take your unit out for a 10 to 15 minute walk or drive.  This will allow the unit to fully connect, and update on your account. 

Q )  How do I know when my unit is fully charged?

A)  When the unit is attached to the charge cable there is one solid red light that will turn on.  This is the light located closest to the charge port.  If the red light is on solid the unit is currently charging, when this light turns off the unit is 100% charged.

Q)  Why hasn’t the battery life updated on my account after I fully charged it?

A)   Your unit needs to fully connect to update the information including the battery life.  If you have recharged your unit, carry it outside and hold it in your hand for a few minutes.  This will give the unit time to connect, and update your time/date stamp, location, and battery life. 

Q) How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription (data plan)?

A) This can be done under Manage My Devices on the SilverCloud App.

Q ) How do I change my password?

A ) You will need to log into our website at  In the top left corner select from the drop down menu, Advanced Options.  Select Account Management, this is where you will be able to edit your account information. Note: The name and username cannot be changed.

Q ) What is Energy Saver?

A )  Energy Saver is a feature that can prolong the battery life of your unit.  It disables the motion sensing, and places the unit on a timer instead of waking up on motion.  The unit will only be able to send/receive commands when the timer goes off allowing the unit to wake up and connect. 

Q) I lost my power key for my 54, can I use something else to power the unit on/off?

A) We do not recommend using anything other than the included tool to power the unit on/off.  Foreign objects may damage the internal components of your unit if inserted too far.  Damage caused by foreign objects is not covered under the warranty. You can purchase accessory kits with a new key on our website.

Q) Why am I not receiving notifications through my application?

A) Check your phone settings to ensure that your SilverCloud App has permission granted to send notifications.  If this is set correctly there may have been an issue with the installation of your application.  Please uninstall the App, and reinstall it to your phone.

Q ) Can you wake up my unit/reboot it remotely?

A ) We can not force a unit to update.  The units are motion activated (unless in Energy Saving mode), and will only connect while in motion.  If you are experiencing issues with the unit tracking properly please contact our technical support team.

How do I view device history and run reports?

Limited historical playback can be accessed via the mobile app. Other reports are available on the desktop software, accessed via the website tracking interface.

** The history is not unlimited. You can go back up to a year.

Passive loggers

Q) What is the difference between a Standard and Premium Cloud Account?

A) Standard accounts will hold your uploaded tracking data in the file vault on the SilverCloud software for 2 weeks before deleting itself. A Premium Cloud Account will hold 12 months of uploaded tracking data in the file vault.

Q) Why is my device not moving when I log into the SilverCloud interface?

A) To view the tracking on a passive unit you must upload the data file to your online account. These devices do not have a live feed, but rather record where

Q) How do I delete the information from my Passive tracker?

A) Please visit and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to delete old tracking data from a passive tracker.

Q) Why is my device no longer recording?

A) First, check the available space on your device because it might be full. If that’s the case, please delete some of your old data to make room for new tracking data. If storage space isn’t the issue, make sure the orientation of the unit is conductive to the best connectivity of the unit: 1) If inside the vehicle, lights (Flashback) or “This side up” text (Tracking Key) should face the sky. 2) If the unit is being placed in a position under the vehicle, follow the opposite of #1. 3) No trunks, or engine compartments.

Q) What type of batteries should I use and how long will my device last on a full charge?

A) The Tracking Key takes (2) AAA batteries. For the best life from the batteries (35+ motion hours), we recommend using brand such as Energizer or Duracell. The Flashback features a built-in rechargeable battery (50+ motion hours).