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Real-Time Location Tracking That Works

See the Location of anything, Wherever it goes.


Keep Eyes on What Matters

What theft or loss is possible, you need reliable, real-time location information available at your fingertips.

Order LandAirSea Device

With magnetic and waterproof options, our device goes wherever you need it to go.

Place The Device

The self-contained, portable design means you can place your device within minutes after opening the box.

Start Tracking Immediately

Activate your International, Unlimited Data plan like you would a cellular device to start tracking immediately!


Land Air Sea Devices Can be Found Anywhere!

More than 100,000 customers in over 125 countries depend on their LandAirSea GPS with the SilverCloud Cellular Data membership to keep track of their:

Amazon Customer

"I was a tad skeptical at the claims this company made as well as the reviews as I coulnd't see it being that simple and affordable. I just bought my 6th unit as these things have become the most valuabe tools in my arsenal of assets recovery. Hands down. These are great and rest assurad you will not be disappointed."

- Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer

"Very accurate!!! The app was easy to set up and the device was easy to activate & place on the vehicle. The magnet is super strong. Battery life was half what was said, I only got 8 days for a 3-minute update setting. But overall I would highly recommend this product."

-Jamie O'Brien

- Amazon Customer

Theft is TemporaryTM

The LandAirSea 54 has been perfected from over 20 years of development and we are proud to say when you install our products, Theft is TemporaryTM.

GPS Technology Designed in the USA

We've proudly perfected our GPS Technology is the USA for the past 20 years.

Your Data Never Leaves the US

Your data and historical information are protected, and you can be confident it never leaves the USA.

International SIM card with Unlimited Data

We offer affordable data plans, like a cellular device, so you get accurate, updated information.


SilverCloud Data Plan Subscriptions

Each device comes equipped with an International SIM card with Unlimited Data. Like a cellular data plan, this allows you real-time information on the location of your device!

  1. No Activation Fee
  2. No Contract

Monthly Plans Start at $19.95/month


From Private Eye to Productivity Tracking

LandAirSea devices are used for various purposes, yet one thing remains the same: the location of what is most important to you is critical information.

Thst's why for the past 20 years, over 100,000 customer in more than 95 countries have depended on their LandAirSea GPS devices with the SilverCloud Cellular Data subscription.

Weather you are tracking a loved one for their safety or your fleet's routes to improved your systems, you can rely on LandAirSea devices to tell you the accurate location data.


Don't risk the loss.

The location of what matters most to you is critical. Without it, you put your valuables at risk for loss, theft, or misuse. Other trackers may give you temporary peace of mind, but what happens when you need up- to-the-second information? Can your tracker provide minute-by-minute accurate details of it's location and historical data? Is your data safely stored in the USA?

The risk is too great to go without a LandAirSea device placed on what matters most to you.