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LandAirSea SYNC

Add SYNC directly to your OBD II for instant tracking. No battery or charger is required.

  • Geofence, Speed, InstaFence, and Battery Alerts
  • OBD II Mounted
  • SIM card Included
  • Share location with friends, family, or colleagues with ShareSpotTM
  • 100% Historical Data

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LandAirSea SYNC Data Plan Subscription

Only 1 Low Plan
Tracking Update
Refresh Time
  1. 3 Second Updates
Only 1 Low Plan
  1. $8.95 per month

I used the obd gps tracker to track my vehicle. It's very useful when you live your vehicle to the mechanic. I can see if they are use my car for their business...

- Alex

I love the product it was used to keep track of my daughter she was away at college it really had my mind at ease I love the product

- Andrea

It is awesome and relieved so much more stress off of me knowing where my kids are when they dont answer my phone calls

- Heather

it has put my mind at ease knowing that my trophy winning 55 chevy is being monitored 24hrs a day along with geofence.hats off to a great product.cheers.

- Rick

It helps me keep track of a household member who gets confused and lost at times, or parks somewhere and can't find his car.

- Ellen

Works great haven’t had one hiccup Gives me peice of mind knowing I’ll know where my vehicle is if it gets stolen again overall great product and app

- Tyler

I have cars at a vacation home. Need to keep up with them as others have the keys but should not be driving them. So far, this has worked superbly!

- Regina
Ian C. Milo


- Ian C. Milo

The device I have, has helped with a private situation, that has brought clarity to a unknown question, of what the status Is with the property I own.



- Angel