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Below are the answers to the questions we get the most.
Real-time Trackers

Your device has not updated yet. Make sure the device is turned on. For the 54, push the included tool into the on/off hole on the side. You will see flashing LEDs. Take it outside for a 10 minute walk or drive. The device will start working when you have (3) solid green LEDs.

Make sure the device is turned on (you will see LEDs flashing). Place the device on the roof of your vehicle, or somewhere similar, and wait for the device to go into sleep mode (all lights off). Then wake it back up by moving it. If you do not get (3) solid green lights after a few minutes, contact our technical support team at 888-467-5352.

Whenever possible, place the device inside the vehicle. Under a seat, in the glove compartment, and the backseat pockets are all great options. If placing under a vehicle, attach it to a flat metal surface. Test the strength to make sure it is attached to steel and not a weak alloy metal. Place it at the lowest point to the ground and away from as much metal as possible. Do not place it where it is surrounded by too much metal as this can greatly affect reception and accuracy.

Limited historical playback can be accessed via the mobile app. Other reports are available on the desktop software, accessed via the website tracking interface.

** The history is not unlimited. You can go back up to a year.

Passive Loggers

Standard accounts will hold your uploaded tracking data in the file vault on the SilverCloud software for 2 weeks before deleting itself. A Premium Cloud Account will hold 12 months of uploaded tracking data in the file vault.

To view the tracking on a passive unit you must upload the data file to your online account. These devices do not have a live feed, but rather record where

Please visit and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to delete old tracking data from a passive tracker.

First, check the available space on your device because it might be full. If that’s the case, please delete some of your old data to make room for new tracking data. If storage space isn’t the issue, make sure the orientation of the unit is conductive to the best connectivity of the unit: 1) If inside the vehicle, lights (Flashback) or “This side up” text (Tracking Key) should face the sky. 2) If the unit is being placed in a position under the vehicle, follow the opposite of #1. 3) No trunks, or engine compartments.

The Tracking Key takes (2) AAA batteries. For the best life from the batteries (35+ motion hours), we recommend using brand such as Energizer or Duracell. The Flashback features a built-in rechargeable battery (50+ motion hours).

GPS Tracking Placement

Vehicle tracking devices operate with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. To determine location, the GPS receiver captures signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Proper placement of the GPS tracker will help ensure optimal GPS reception.

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Locating the OBD-II port for SYNC Installation

The OBD-II port is where the SilverCloud SYNC will connect to the vehicle for a direct power supply. Simply provide the vehicle make, year, model and this tool will show you where the OBD-II port is located in your vehicle.

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SilverCloud Real-time Software Walkthrough

Google Earth is a broadband, 3D mapping application. Our passive GPS trackers, such as our GPS Tracking Key® and GPS Tracking Key Pro®, use Google Earth to map historical tracking data. Not all computers, however, are able to run it:

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Passive Software Walkthrough

Knowing what each icon on the Passive Track software means will help determine what is happening with your device when it is on the vehicle. This easy to follow guide will help you better understand the icons and options that are offered to you on this software.

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