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The Right LandAirSea Device for You

Our Real-Time Tracking Devices Make Tracking Simple & Reliable


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We offer three devices for easy-to-use, reliable tracking. Compare to decide which one is right for you!


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LandAirSea 54

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LandAirSea SYNC

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LandAirSea Overdrive

Battery Life
Battery Life Specs. Battery Life Specs. Battery Life Specs.
Dimensions Diameter: 2.275" Height: 0.945 L: 2.50" x W: 1.89" x H: 0.96" Diameter: 3.015" Height: 1.235"
Place the Device Built-in Magnet Mount OBD-II Device  Built-in Magnet Mount
Waterproof & Dustproof icon circle check   icon circle check
Dark Mode (Lights Off) icon circle check icon circle check icon circle check
Real-Time Tracking on App icon circle check icon circle check icon circle check
Geofencing, Speed, InstaFencing icon circle check icon circle check icon circle check
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I used the obd gps tracker to track my vehicle. It's very useful when you live your vehicle to the mechanic. I can see if they are use my car for their business...

- Alex

I love the product it was used to keep track of my daughter she was away at college it really had my mind at ease I love the product

- Andrea

It is awesome and relieved so much more stress off of me knowing where my kids are when they dont answer my phone calls

- Heather

it has put my mind at ease knowing that my trophy winning 55 chevy is being monitored 24hrs a day along with geofence.hats off to a great product.cheers.

- Rick

It helps me keep track of a household member who gets confused and lost at times, or parks somewhere and can't find his car.

- Ellen

Works great haven’t had one hiccup Gives me peice of mind knowing I’ll know where my vehicle is if it gets stolen again overall great product and app

- Tyler

I have cars at a vacation home. Need to keep up with them as others have the keys but should not be driving them. So far, this has worked superbly!

- Regina
Ian C. Milo


- Ian C. Milo

The device I have, has helped with a private situation, that has brought clarity to a unknown question, of what the status Is with the property I own.



- Angel

Product Add-On Cables

LandAir Sea 54 Waterproof Hardwire Power Adapter

You’ll never need to worry about losing your battery when you can hardwire your device. Install the adapter to your vehicle, boat, construction equipment, and more!

LandAirSea SYNC OBDII Hardwire Cable Kit

Connect your LandAirSea SYNC to a more discreet tracking source with this easy-to-use adapter!

LandAirSea 54 Spare Accessory Kit

For when you need additional accessories for your LandAirSea 54, like a new charging cable, a waterproof gasket, and an on/off tool!