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LandAirSea (LAS) specializes in GPS tracking technology for the camping and hiking industry, with a broad range of cost-effect surveillance solutions for outdoor safety and asset protection.

You can use our GPS trackers for:

  • Music festivals
  • Hiking events
  • Outdoor church events
  • Family vacations
  • Workshops and classes
  • Geocaching events
  • Birdwatching events

Just attach one of our devices to a tent, sleeping bag, backpack or another piece of camping or hiking equipment with magnets or cables and improve visibility when exploring or organizing events in the great outdoors. Our technology can also protect expensive equipment by sending a notification when someone moves or tries to steal an asset from a campsite, festival, nature reserve or other outdoor space.

What We Do

For over 25 years, we have provided tracking solutions to multiple industries. We use the latest GPS technology to:

  • Prevent the theft of high-value assets at camping and hiking events, including food trucks, LandAirSea 54, which attaches to high-valuable equipment with industrial-strength magnets. You can track camping and hiking gear on your mobile device and receive a notification if it moves location or drivers don't deliver it on time. Whether you are organizing an outdoor event or going on a vacation, the LandAirSea54 provides you with the security you need.
  • The LandAirSea2020 model comes with long-lasting battery life and a pocket-portable design. Like the 54 model, where you can attach the device to camping and hiking equipment with industrial-strength magnets and track your accessories via an app.

Why You Need a GPS Tracker for Camping and Hiking

Our GPS-enabled devices provide the latest intelligence about your camping and hiking assets. Our trackers:

  • Analyze transportation routes so logistics companies deliver your camping and hiking gear on time.
  • Help you find lost or stolen assets with geofencing, real-time reporting and system notifications.
  • Provide loved ones with location data in case of an emergency.

Why Should You Choose Our GPS-Enabled Devices?

Tracking camping and hiking equipment brings a unique set of challenges. Here are some benefits of investing in our GPS-enabled trackers for camping and hiking:

Track Equipment In All Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions like heavy rain and storms can damage a GPS tracker for camping or hiking. Our LandAirSea 54 with ShareSpot (TM) location sharing and tracking system with waterproof cable protects your equipment whatever the weather.

Get More Battery Life

If you're planning a long camping trip or extensive hike, you need a GPS tracker with a reliable battery. Otherwise, you will have to take an external battery and charger with you on your travels. Luckily, our 54 and 2020 models come with a powerful battery that lasts for up to three weeks.

Reduce the Weight

Some GPS trackers are bulky and heavy, making them difficult to carry on camping and hiking adventures. Our units, however, all weigh less than half a pound.

Let Loved Ones Know Where You Are

Our GPS technology provides peace of mind. You can send loved ones a URL that displays your GPS tracker and its location.

Super-Strong Magnets

Whether you're climbing Everest or taking a family vacation in Yosemite, the super-strong magnets on our 54 and 2020 models won't let you down.

How to Use Our GPS Tracker for Hiking and Camping

It's easy to activate your LAS GPS device:

  1. Download the SilverCloud app on iOS or Android.
  2. Attach a tracker to a tent, RV, cooking equipment or whatever you like with the built-in magnets or adapter cables (depending on the model).
  3. Customize notification preferences or track your assets directly in the app.

Other Assets We Protect

LAS also protects these assets:

Our surveillance solutions provide incredible insights into your retail operations. Discover our cost-effective GPS-enabled tracking products.

Contact Us

Contact LandAirSea today at 847-462-8100 or email to speak to a member of our team about GPS tracking for camping & hiking.