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Camping & hiking

Waterproof - You are enjoying mother nature but you can’t control the weather so make sure you have a waterproof GPS Tracking Device like the 54.

Solid Battery Life - If you plan to pack in and out, you won’t want to carry an external battery and a charger.   Luckily, the 54 and 2020 have solid battery life for your camping adventures.

Lightweight - Don’t carry extra weight with large GPS tracking units. The LandAirSea GPS units each weigh less than ½ pound.

ShareSpot - Make sure your emergency contact and loved ones know where you are as you enjoy the trails. Provide them with a ShareSpot URL that shows the unit and the location.

Excellent Magnet - Climbing Everest or taking float planes in to the Bush? Put one of the super strong 54’s magnets on the assets and know where they are at all times.