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The Global Leader in GPS Tracking

Celebrating 30 Years in 2024!


LandAirSea Systems designs and builds GPS tracking devices and software for fleet management, professional vehicles, dealerships, asset tracking and more. Each product monitors the location of anything, anywhere in real-time.

Founded in 1994, the company launched the Flight-Trac GPS tracking solution to track the time, position, speed and altitude of small aircrafts. In 1999, the company began offering its first vehicle tracking unit – the GPS Tracking Key. Today, the product portfolio consists of general purpose tracking devices such as the LandAirSea 54, LandAirSea OverDrive and the LandAirSea SYNC OBD device for car telematics. All devices feature GPS and 4G LTE technology.

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Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones

Keep an eye on the safety of your most precious assets — your family. LandAirSea products are the most convenient and trusted device for protecting your family members, old and young.

Theft is TemporaryTM

Your vehicle is one of your highest value assets. LandAirSea GPS tracking solutions allow you to discreetly attach a state-of-the-art tracker and enjoy the peace of mind that comes knowing you can track your car and retrieve it in the event of theft.

Personal Asset Tracking

Don’t let your big-boy toys out of your site, even if you are around the corner or half a world away. With LandAirSea devices and our highly-rated SilverCloud App, you will be empowered to keep vigilant watch over your personal assets.