Commercial Fleets

LandAirSea is your cost-competitive, rigorously tested asset management solution for commercial fleets.

A reliable commercial fleet tracker from LAS could also protect the items inside your vehicles.

LandAirSea (LAS) is your cost-competitive, rigorously tested asset management solution for commercial fleets. Our commercial fleet GPS tracker devices protect your most valuable assets, including:

  • Trucks.
  • Trailers.
  • Large vans.
  • Flatbed trucks.
  • Vehicles that transport passengers.

We work with shipping companies, construction companies, public transportation providers, waste management service providers, and other organizations worldwide.

It’s what we’ve done for 25 years.

What We Do

LAS uses the latest commercial fleet technology so you can

  • Deter theft.
  • Monitor inventory.
  • Improve asset allocation.
  • Track mileage.
  • Quickly recover any stolen items.

We offer three GPS tracking devices suitable for commercial fleets:

The industrial-strength magnets embedded inside our LandAirSea 54 and LandAirSea Overdrive products let you track commercial vehicles at all times, providing unparalleled peace of mind. Depending on your needs, you can place them in plain sight to remind drivers to follow company policies or hide them for more covert opportunities to review driving behaviors.

Both devices have compact designs and long battery lives that will serve you well.

You can also choose our LAS SYNC tracker for commercial fleets. The SYNC connects directly to a vehicle’s OBD II port, so you never need to recharge its battery. As long as the vehicle’s battery has a charge, the SYNC does too.

Deter Theft With LandAirSea GPS Trackers for Commercial Fleets

With the average dollar loss per vehicle theft totaling $8,886, investing in our technologies could save you money.

A reliable commercial fleet tracker from LAS could also protect the items inside your vehicles. With real-time location updates, you never need to worry that someone will steal merchandise from your vehicles. If someone does, your GPS tracker will give law enforcement useful information that helps officers track down the missing items and arrest the thieves.

Do you want to monitor your fleet of commercial vehicles? LAS’s GPS tracking devices provide you with the security and accountability you require. Learn more about the LandAirSea 54, LandAirSea Overdrive, and LandAirSea SYNC to determine which model matches your needs best.

Why Do You Need Our Commercial Fleet GPS Tracker?

LAS has pioneered GPS-enabled technologies that provide you with insights into the movement of your commercial vehicles. Many of the benefits come from our SilverCloud app. SilverCloud is a mobile and web-based app that lets you:

  • Analyze transportation routes to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Manage and monitor your fleets wherever you are in the world.
  • Improve customer experience and dispatching procedures.
  • Share the real-time location of shipments with customers and colleagues.
  • Minimize liability with driving report notifications.
  • Get custom system alerts based on driving histories.
  • Create custom alerts that notify you when vehicles cross the boundaries you specify on a map.

The reports you generate with SilverCloud might even help your company qualify for discounted insurance policies. When you can show insurance providers evidence of safe driving, you demonstrate your importance as a client worthy of a lower rate.

Every GPS tracker from LAS gives you access to the SilverCloud app, so you have powerful features regardless of the device you choose.

Our small and discreet GPS-enabled devices come with built-in magnets or adapter cables that let you locate your vehicles and employees in real time. Just attach them to your vehicles, download our app, and receive notifications about your fleet.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Our Commercial Fleet Tracking Solutions?

With our monitoring devices for commercial fleets, you can

  • Add a layer of security to the cargo you transport.
  • Have the information you require for billing, asset tracking, and accountability.
  • Make smarter decisions about relocation time if necessary.

Here are some other benefits of our GPS trackers:

Optimize Dispatch

Today’s businesses need to streamline logistics to ensure they always have the right products in stock. LandAirSea can make logistics planning easier than ever. Enhance dispatching processes when you install our GPS devices in commercial vehicles. You’ll receive a vehicle’s current location on your smartphone, and you can share this information with dispatchers for speedier shipment times and improved customer service. Use these real-time insights to find the fastest route to the dispatch location.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Because our GPS-enabled devices track shipments and routes, you can find the fastest way to your dispatch destination and reduce fuel costs. LAS devices provide real-time fuel monitoring insights so you can save money. Does it make more sense to choose a shorter route with a lower speed limit or a longer route with a higher speed limit? LAS GPS trackers for commercial fleets can help you make an informed decision that saves money and streamlines business processes.

Improve Customer Service

Customers expect shipments to arrive in a speedy timeframe. Otherwise, they might take their business elsewhere. When you install our GPS trackers in commercial vehicles, you can share the location of shipments with customers, so they know when they will receive their orders. Providing consumers with this real-time information can improve customer service and result in additional sales.

Find Stolen Equipment

Stolen vehicles can have enormous ramifications for commercial vehicle owners. Our tracking device reduces the chances of theft by letting you monitor your fleet. If someone steals a vehicle, you can quickly track its location and take action. You can also set up alerts when trucks move during off-hours. If someone drives a vehicle off your lot without authorization, you will get a notification that alerts you to potential theft. Then, you can track the vehicle’s location and share the information with local law enforcement.

Improve Communication

Our tracking devices provide you with a 360-degree overview of your fleet. Use real-time metrics to improve communication with partners, investors, customers, retailers, logistics companies, and more.

How To Use Our Commercial Fleet GPS Trackers

Our tracking devices are easy to use. Here’s how to activate your real-time GPS device:

  1. Download the SilverCloud app on iOS or Android.
  2. Install your GPS-enabled device in a commercial vehicle either with magnets or the adapter cable.
  3. Set up your tracking preferences on the Silvercloud app. You can receive real-time notifications or monitor your vehicles directly in the app.

Check out our videos and user guides if you get stuck.

About Us

LAS specializes in GPS-enabled surveillance products for fleet management and asset protection in various industries. Our most popular systems include the LandAirSea 54, LandAirSea SYNC, and LandAirSea Overdrive.

Since 1994, we have pioneered surveillance technologies that provide organizations and individuals with a way to monitor their most valuable assets.

Other Tracking Solutions

In addition to commercial fleets, LAS protects assets such as

  • Airport shuttles
  • ATVs, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles
  • Camping and hiking equipment
  • Golf course equipment
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Personal vehicles
  • Rental equipment
  • Trailers

LAS’s commercial fleet GPS tracker technology improves security, accountability, and compliance. Discover our line of GPS trackers for commercial fleets. If you want more information before choosing a model for your vehicles, reach out to our office by dialing 847-462-8100. Our multilingual staff is happy to explain the differences between our GPS tracking solutions and support you long after you’ve finalized your purchase.