Synchronize™ is our cloud-based, browser-accessible software solution for tracking multiple assets equipped with LandAirSea GPS devices.

Synchronize™ is our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system for large fleets.

Synchronize™ helps dealers and businesses locate any vehicle in their inventory, track demo and daily-use vehicles and expedite floor plan audits.

An Eye on Your Assets

The innovative LandAirSea family of GPS trackers helps you know where all of your vehicles are in real time — and where they have been — at an unbeatable price. 

Unmatched Service

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and available when you need to connect with us. Our solutions are flexible to fit the needs of your business.

Available Protection Plan

Dealers can offer our award-winning insurance benefits directly to their customers, with profit participation.

Vehicle details at a glance.

From the Desktop or Mobile App, Synchronize easily accesses important vehicle information like VIN, Make, Model, Color, Vehicle Images, and Price.

Assign alerts to responsible staff.

Easily bulk add alerts to anyone on your staff who should receive vehicle alerts, including when:


    • A vehicle has left a specified location, Geofencing.
    • A vehicle battery is low or has been removed.
    • The device tracks an Overspeed trigger.

Download available reports.

Synchronize allows you to create, view, and download reports on current inventory and past vehicles. Easily pull reports on vehicle routes, vehicles sold, inventory based on make or model, and much more.

Synchronize™ is a win-win for dealers and customers at the time of purchase. 

Pre-installed LandAirSea GPS trackers are of high value to new customers, who are naturally protective with their new investment. The value of GPS tracking for vehicles becomes an easy commitment at the point of purchase, with a highly profitable product added to the dealership PVR offering. 

Dealership Benefits

  • Locate any car in your inventory
  • Track demo and courtesy vehicles
  • Expedite floor plan audits
  • Dead battery alerts and reports
  • Stolen vehicle alerts and theft policy (revenue sharing)
  • Noncancelable front-end add guaranteed increase in PVR
  • Won’t cannibalize your other products

Customer Benefits

  • Vehicle and driver visibility
  • Real-time location
  • Excessive speed alerts
  • 12-month historical driver playback
  • ShareSpotTM
  • Geofence and InstaFence boundary alerts
  • Theft protection
  • Stolen vehicle recovery assistance
  • $5,000 theft benefit*
  • Easily transfers to another vehicle
  • Insurance discounts**