GPS Tracking for Dealerships

Get the security of Dealership GPS tracking for your entire inventory, whether on your lot or out for a test drive.

Protect your entire lot with LandAirSea inventory management solutions built specifically for dealerships.

With LandAirSea’s family of Dealership GPS Tracking Devices, coupled with dealer-focused Synchronize software, you can rest easy knowing where your vehicles are in real time.

GPS Tracker for Dealerships

Powered by Synchronize™

Synchronize™ is our state-of-the-art GPS tracking and inventory management system for dealerships and other businesses that maintain large fleets. Every vehicle can be monitored in real time with simple, unobtrusive hardware.

Synchronize™ helps dealers and businesses locate any car in their inventory, track demo and daily-use vehicles, expedite floor plan audits, and be alerted when vehicles are not where they should be. When sold as an add-on to your vehicle, your customers also get theft recovery assistance as well as a host of additional roadside and monitoring options for the safety of their families.

Protect Your Business
The best GPS units for tracking company vehicles

Ideally Suited for Car Dealerships

You likely have millions of dollars worth of assets and inventory that you want to protect. If any of these vehicles are damaged, lost, or stolen, there could be serious ramifications for your business. You’ll get the most benefits by choosing the right GPS units for tracking dealership vehicles in inventory.

Upsell pre-installed trackers to buyers for added PVR profit.

Pre-installed LandAirSea GPS trackers are of high value to new customers, who are naturally protective with their new investment. The value of GPS tracking for vehicles becomes an easy commitment at the point of purchase, with a highly profitable product added to the dealership PVR offering. 

LandAirSea PlateLocate – Launching Early 2024!

Our newest device, designed specifically for dealerships, provides an all-new, innovative solution for lost dealer plates, inventory management, and an overall improved dealership experience.

The LandAirSea PlateLocate allows users to easily track every dealer-registered license plate they own. When used in conjunction with the LandAirSea Synchronize™ platform, the PlateLocate can monitor each tagged vehicle across a dealership’s inventory via mobile phone or desktop. Ultra-compact with a purpose-driven design, and inspired by 30 years of LandAirSea’s GPS tracking innovation and leadership, the PlateLocate has been engineered as a sleek, efficient solution that affixes seamlessly to dealer license plates.

LandAirSea Sync

The LandAirSea SYNC is an appealing option because it plugs directly into vehicle OBD II ports. It draws all of its power from the port, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries or charging it between uses.

Other benefits of LandAirSea SYNC GPS units for tracking company vehicles include:

  • Real-time location accuracy to within six feet.
  • Full playback of movement historical.
  • Arrival and departure notifications.
  • Geofence alerts.
  • Speed alerts.
  • Satellite and 4G LTE support that keeps continuous connectivity.

LandAirSea 54

For those who need serious tracking solutions, the LandAirSea 54 is a real-time GPS global tracking device suited for personal assets, vehicles and global fleet management.

  • Onboard 4GLTE (cellular) and GNSS (GPS) — for strong connectivity across the globe.
  • Longest battery life in the industry — weeks and months, depending on ping frequency.
  • Accelerometer and other tech to provide a comprehensive data picture.
  • Industry’s strongest built-in magnet — Easy installation does not require accessory purchase.
  • IP67 waterproof rated, and made of the most durable materials and components available.

LandAirSea Overdrive

The LandAirSea Overdrive is a real-time GPS global tracking device with extended battery life and permanent mounting options.

  • Onboard 4GLTE (cellular) and GNSS (GPS) — for strong connectivity across the globe.
  • Longest battery life in the industry — weeks and months, depending on ping frequency.
  • Accelerometer and other tech to provide a comprehensive data picture.
  • Industry’s strongest built-in magnet — does not require accessory purchase.
  • IP67 waterproof rated, and made of the most durable materials and components available.
  • The Overdrive can be permanently mounted to the asset for added security.

LandAirSea 9100 Solar – Coming Soon!

The LandAirSea 9100 solar-powered GPS tracker is one of the industries most innovative solar powered devices, designed for the management of construction vehicles and vessels.

Featuring the solar panel, magnetic charger and IP67 waterproof rating, this device is ideal for a variety of deployments that require long standby time and continued optimal performance. LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback ensures a solid connection in almost all cases.

Coming Early 2024!

LandAirSea’s range of vehicle tracking devices are some of the most advanced and reliable on the market today.


Advanced Technology:

We use advanced GPS tracking technology to provide accurate and real-time location data for assets. Our devices use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals to determine the location, ensuring that even in areas with poor GPS coverage, the device can still accurately track.


Real-Time Monitoring:

LAS tracking devices provide real-time monitoring of a vehicle’s location, speed, and direction. This means that fleet managers can quickly and easily determine the location of their vehicles at any given time. This can be useful for a range of applications, including route optimization, driver monitoring, and asset tracking.


Easy Installation:

Our GPS tracking devices are easy to install and use. Most devices are ready to go within minutes. Once activated, they require minimal maintenance. Fleet managers can monitor their vehicles using a web-based platform, which is easy to use and provides real-time data.


Enhanced Security:

LAS tracking devices can also enhance security by providing real-time location data for vehicles. Fleet managers can set up geofences around specific areas and receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits these areas. This can help identify potential security threats and take action to mitigate them.



Our GPS trackers are versatile, useful for a range of applications. Businesses and individuals can use our tracking devices to help ensure Theft is TemporaryTM. From personal assets and valuables, vehicles and machinery, or even loved ones on the move, LandAirSea devices have been utilized across the globe in a variety of situations to provide peace of mind. 


Customer Support:

We are known for our customer support. Our US-based team is available to answer any questions or concerns customers may have in both English and Spanish.

Improve Accountability

When you track assets and inventory, you can ascertain the location of your items at all times. If an item goes missing after you dispatch it from your lot, for example, you can determine its route and final destination by opening your computer or an app on your phone. You can then match this location data with the employee or logistics provider that transported the item and hold them responsible for the loss.

If an item goes missing from your lot or showroom, you can use GPS data to determine when it left that location and who was working there at the time. Again, you can use this information to hold the person responsible for the loss to account.

Commercial uses of GPS

Monitor Driver Behaviors

You want your employees and test drivers to drive inventoried vehicles safely. LandAirSea commercial GPS devices give you access to our Silvercloud app. Silvercloud lets you:

  • Receive alerts when drivers speed or behave recklessly
  • Track driver routes to ensure they don’t stray from their jobs
  • Create short-term Insta-Fences that alert you when a vehicle crosses a border you add to the map

With Silvercloud, you gain more oversight and can encourage drivers to stay safe. You might even discover that you can lower your car insurance payments.

Strengthen Insurance Claims

Some insurance companies might not honor a claim unless you have proof of stolen property. Investing in the latest GPS technologies provides insurers with the evidence they might require. For example, proof that valuables left their original location but didn’t arrive at their destination. As a result, you can strengthen your claim for an insurance payout.

The best GPS-enabled tools track assets and inventory as they leave a location like an office or warehouse and monitor their movement in real-time. You have evidence of the date, time, and location an item went missing and can present this data to an insurer at any time.

Prevent Vehicle and Asset Theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that nearly half a million vehicles were stolen during the first half of 2022. You can report stolen cars to law enforcement, but they probably won’t prioritize the investigation. They have bigger crimes to think about.

What if you could make the job easy for them?

GPS trackers for car dealers can give law enforcement specific coordinates that help them find the stolen vehicle, increasing the possibility that they can recover it. They may even find the thieves responsible, and prevent them from stealing again.

The same concept applies to any asset you want to protect, including construction equipment, shipping containers, golf carts, and electronics.

Track and find inventory better

Compact GPS trackers make it easier to manage and find inventory. With GPS trackers for commercial businesses, you could:

  • Give employees precise location information so they can get the right item quickly
  • Start using machines to pull items from your inventory
  • Review how many of each item you have and determine when to reorder

Business Benefits of GPS asset and inventory monitoring

Businesses often allocate up to 25 percent of their budgets to inventory—a quarter of their total outgoings. So imagine the consequences when inventory goes missing or gets stolen.

Fewer products to resell. Disgruntled customers. Lost profits.

The same goes for assets like tools, office equipment, and computers. What happens when these items end up in the wrong hands?

That’s why asset monitoring and inventory protection are critical. Tracking items as they move from one location to another isn’t just a safety precaution, but a necessity for business owners that rely on these items to execute day-to-day tasks.

Using a GPS device to monitor assets and vehicle inventory provides multiple business benefits.

How GPS stops car theft

GPS tracking devices monitor the location of your vehicle 24 hours a day. You usually attach one of these gadgets to a glove box, rear bumper, center console, or somewhere else in your car with magnets or cables and start tracking your vehicle on your computer or smartphone.

The best GPS trackers send you notifications when your car leaves a preset geofence, allowing you to take quick action. You can discover the location of your stolen vehicle and report this information to law enforcement. That helps police officers locate and retrieve your vehicle. You can also send location information to your insurance company when claiming for car theft or damage.

If you own several vehicles for work purposes, you can attach a GPS tracker to each car and improve liability in your organization. For example, you can analyze the routes of employees who use your cars to deliver services and prevent theft. The best GPS tracker manufacturers let you monitor all your devices from one system.