LandAirSea 54


LandAirSea54 – The Most Accurate & Longest Lasting Real Time GPS Tracker on The Market (Made & Supported in The USA)

Introducing: The most accurate and longest-lasting real time GPS tracker for theft prevention, family tracking, & global fleet management available today. Just attach our discreet, industrial strength tracker to anything for pinpoint accuracy anywhere on Earth – all right from your smartphone with 24/7 US-based live chat and phone support. Lifetime warranty included:

  • Up to 5x The Battery Life – Cheap trackers die in 8 hours or less, severely reducing accuracy, efficiency, and loss recovery. Our real time GPS tracker lasts weeks or even months. For you, that means accuracy at all times, fewer battery changes, and better efficiency in your business.
  • Accurate Within Inches – Most GPS trackers use short-range Bluetooth or small cellular tower networks. The result? Inaccurate location or no signal. We use Global GNSS (100 satellites) across North America, Asia, & Europe for pinpoint accuracy at all times. It’s the same system the military uses to map the planet and guide weapons. If you lose something, we’ll find it.
  • Built For High-End Assets – LandAirSea 54 is built for your family, sports cars, jet skis, trailers, and business assets. Commercial-grade waterproof status, industrial-strength magnet, true global coverage – this is NOT a cheap plastic gadget.
  • Real Human Support – We resolve any issue ASAP with 100% real flesh-and-blood humans – no AI, cyborgs, or voice recordings. Rest easy knowing we are here at all times to help secure what matters most to you.
  • Proudly Made & Supported in America – We design, build, and support everything right outside of Chicago. It’s been that way for 30 years and always will be. You deserve security, peace of mind, and value for money. That’s why we never cut corners, slack on support, or use cheap parts from god knows where. We are proud to say our products are made in the USA from the best domestic and imported products. And everything we make is covered by our industry-best lifetime warranty.
Product Description

The LandAirSea 54 allows you to easily track valuables and assets. Whether you’re tracking your personal or business assets, LandAirSea GPS trackers provide real-time location tracking – as often as every three seconds depending on the subscription data plan you choose.

  • FIND ANYTHING ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME – The LandAirSea 54 uses 100 global satellites – more than any other tracker – to give a precise location anywhere across the globe. You’ll always know exactly where anything is down to the inch. Track your drivers, your kids, your spouse, or any asset with 100% peace of mind.
  • FORGET ABOUT WATER, REMOVAL, OR MALFUNCTION – This bad boy is waterproof, death-proof, and theft-proof. IP67 waterproof construction handles any weather like a champ. The ultra-strong magnet can’t be ripped off by a common thief. And the extra-long battery ensures it’s always when you need it most.
  • ALERT AT ALL TIMES – Gain peace of mind with real-time tracking right at your fingertips. Track anyone or anything with reliable alerts via our app or email.
  • SIMPLE, All-IN-ONE PRICING – Track multiple cars, trucks, or other assets under a single affordable data plan. No need to pay more to secure what matters most to you. Pay multiple months in advance and save even more.
  • THE INDUSTRY’S LONGEST BATTERY LIFE – No more lost coverage, constant battery charges, or money wasted on replacements. Our battery is 2.5x more powerful than the industry standard. In energy-saver mode, it can last weeks or even months rather than a day or two.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE – No other app has more features or functions than ours. 24,000+ positive ratings don’t lie. Geo-fencing to set boundaries for family or employees, multiple alert settings, historical data, mapping, real-time updates – this app works however you want it to.
  • COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND AT ALL TIMES – We understand that nothing is more important than your family or your business. Our tracker is reliable, durable, and accurate enough to ensure you’re always aware of where anything is. And if it’s lost, you’ll always get it back.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in Woodstock, Illinois, with domestic and foreign components.

Real-Time Tracking in Your Pocket

The SilverCloudTM App

LandAirSea maintains the best-rated app among all GPS Trackers in the industry. Our SilverCloud™ app is second to none:

    • Fully supports iOS and Android
    • Real-time tracking across the globe
    • Monitors speed and movements
    • Controls data ping frequency
    • Historical playback (location and movement DVR)
    • Controls energy saver mode, and dark mode
    • Multiple data plans to choose from 
Get 24/7/365 Eyes on What Matters Most

Don’t Risk the Loss

Next-Gen GPS

We’ve proudly perfected our GPS technology in the USA over 2 decades.

Global SIM

Affordable data plans that deliver accurate, global information in real time.

5-Star App

Highly secure, award-winning iOS and Android app with weekly updates and the latest features.

US-based Data

Your data is encrypted, and lives exclusively on American servers under US privacy laws.

No Activation Fee • No Contract

SilverCloudTM Data Plan Subscriptions

Tracking Update Refresh Time
3 Minute Updates
1 Minute Updates
30 Second Updates
10 Second Updates
5 Second Updates
3 Second Updates

Month-to-Month Plan
$19.95 per month
$24.95 per month
$34.95 per month
$39.95 per month
$44.95 per month
$49.95 per month
Save 10%
Pre-Pay 6 Months
$107.73 / 6 Months
$134.73 / 6 Months
$188.73 / 6 Months
$215.73 / 6 Months
$242.73 / 6 Months
$269.73 / 6 Months
Save 25%
Pre-Pay 12 Months
$179.55 / 12 Months
$224.55 / 12 Months
$314.55 / 12 Months
$359.55 / 12 Months
$404.55 / 12 Months
$449.55 / 12 Months
Save 50%
Pre-Pay 24 Months
$238.80 / 24 Months
$299.40 / 24 Months
$419.40 / 24 Months
$479.40 / 24 Months
$539.40 / 24 Months
$599.40 / 24 Months

SYNC SilverCloudTM Data Plan Subscription

Tracking Update Refresh Time

3 Second Updates

Only 1 Low Plan
Month-to-Month Plan

$8.95 per month