Best Car Tracking Devices To Buy

GPS technology has changed the way people drive. The unit you choose, however, will determine how much you benefit from tracking cars. LandAirSea specializes in designing and manufacturing the best GPS devices for a broad range of industries. If you want the best car tracking devices for your vehicles, you can learn more about the best options below.

LandAirSea Sync

The LAS SYNC is one of the best car tracking devices because it plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD II port. That means it pulls power from the car, and you never need to worry about recharging a battery. Other reasons it stands out as a great option include SYNC’s:

  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Included SIM.
  • Compact size (2.5 inches high, 1.89 inches wide, and 0.96 inches deep).

If you want to track a fleet of cars without recharging batteries, the LAS SYNC is probably the best option for you.

LandAirSea 54

The LAS 54 is one of the best car tracking devices for anyone interested in stealth. It has a built-in magnet that can attach to most metal surfaces. Place it somewhere where potential thieves won’t notice it. That way, you can give law enforcement the vehicle’s location, making it much easier for them to retrieve your car.

The LAS 54 has a compact design (2.275 inches deep and 0.945 inches high) that’s waterproof and dustproof. The battery lasts between 1 and 3 weeks when you set the device to transmit its location every 3 seconds to 3 minutes. If you set the unit to “low power mode,” the battery can last up to 6 months.

LandAirSea Overdrive

The LAS Overdrive has similar features as the LAS 54. With the Overdrive, you get a longer battery life. The extended battery can last up to 4 weeks when transmitting its location every 60 seconds. It can last up to 12 months on “low power mode.”

The extended battery takes up more space than the battery in the LAS 54, so the Overdrive has a slightly larger size. Still, at 2.813 inches deep and 1.00 inches high, you won’t have any trouble keeping it out of sight. The built-in strong magnet also helps you place the unit in a stealthy location.

The Right Software For The Best Car Tracking Devices

Devices for tracking cars only work as well as the software you use. All LAS devices for tracking cars use the SilverCloud app. You can install SilverCloud on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can also use an online version accessible from any internet-ready device.

SilverCloud contributes to the success of your car tracking GPS units by:

  • Letting you create alerts for speeding, crossing boundaries, and low batteries.
  • Giving you remote control over your device’s settings.
  • Providing a map with historical playback and vehicle locations accurate within 6 feet.
  • Recording vehicle locations, idle times, and number of stops.
  • SilverCloud also includes a ShareSpot feature that lets you share device locations with colleagues.

Benefits Of Tracking Cars With GPS Devices

Devices for tracking cars can benefit individuals and companies in several ways. Some general benefits you can expect from the best car tracking devices include:

  • Location tracking that can help law enforcement retrieve stolen vehicles.
  • Improved safety, especially when drivers know you can track their behaviors.
  • Faster, more efficient driving routes.

The benefits of tracking cars with GPS devices become more specific when you look at the ways families and companies use the technology.

Benefits For Individuals And Families

About 6.6 million vehicles are involved in traffic crashes each year in the U.S. While you can’t control how other drivers behave, you can encourage members of your family to drive safely and avoid collisions. The best car tracking devices make it easy for you to track driving behaviors.

GPS tracking is especially useful for families with young drivers. When parents see that their teenagers drive over the speed limit or engage in other dangerous driving behaviors, they can take appropriate actions to limit those dangerous behaviors.

Benefits For Companies

Companies that use the best devices for tracking cars can rely on the technology to:

  • Improve customer services by sending delivery time alerts.
  • Lower costs by finding more efficient routes that use less fuel. Fuel prices can fluctuate significantly over time, so it’s always a good idea to use as little as possible.
  • Decide when vehicles need maintenance that can prevent more expensive repairs.
  • More productivity from employees who know you can monitor their idle times and driving routes.
  • Lower insurance premiums from some providers.
  • Track vehicles so you always know the location of every car in your fleet, whether they’re on the road or parked in your lot.
  • Help law enforcement find and return stolen vehicles.

Buying devices for tracking cars will cost some money, but you get a strong return on your investment by lowering costs and improving services.

Talk To LAS To Find The Best Devices For Tracking Cars

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