Cost-effective GPS Units

Some GPS devices cost hundreds of dollars, making them too expensive for many individuals and businesses. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a reliable GPS device with the features you need. There are plenty of cost-effective GPS units with diverse uses.

GPS Units For Vehicles

Putting GPS units in vehicles offers several benefits for individuals, families, and businesses. As a driver, you can use GPS devices to:

  • Know your car’s location at all times.
  • Get efficient driving directions that help you save time and money, which has become increasingly important as gas prices soar.
  • Enforce safe driving rules, which becomes critical when you have young drivers in your household.
  • Plan convenient stops during long trips.
  • Receive alerts when someone attempts to steal your vehicle.
  • Collect information that helps law enforcement recover stolen vehicles.
  • You might even use your GPS device to qualify for a low-cost insurance policy.
  • Businesses enjoy the same benefits. Plus, they can use cost-effective GPS units to:
  • Ensure drivers stay on their routes instead of taking unplanned detours.
  • Make sure employees take breaks as scheduled.
  • Locate all of the vehicles in their fleet.
  • Improve efficiency and customer services.
  • Alert stores, warehouses, and customers before packages arrive.

LAS Sync

The LAS Sync is your most cost-effective option for personal vehicles and fleets. You can buy the GPS tracker for about $25, and you get real-time location updates for only $8.95 per month. With such a low price, you can afford to equip every vehicle in your fleet.

Many buyers choose the LAS Sync because it plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port. Connecting directly to the port means you never need to charge your GPS unit’s battery. It pulls all of its power from the vehicle.

Other benefits of owning LAS Sync units include:

  • Real-time accuracy within 6 feet.
  • Options to create geofence alerts, speed alerts, and arrival and departure notifications.
  • Access to the Silvercloud app and website.
  • Compact design that doesn’t get in the way or stand out to potential thieves.
  • 100% historical playback so you can see everywhere your vehicle or vehicles have been.
  • Plus, LAS doesn’t charge an activation fee like many companies do. You will need to pay a monthly subscription fee, but it’s competitive with those that other GPS providers charge for real-time updates.

Cost-Effective GPS Units For Wet And Dusty Environments

The LAS Sync works great as a vehicle tracker, but you would only use it in clean, dry environments. LAS built it for cars, trucks, semi-trucks, and similar vehicles. What about when you need GPS units for vehicles, crates, and other items that might encounter a lot of dust or moisture?

You might think that waterproof and dustproof GPS units cost considerably more than items without rugged designs. LAS solves that problem with cost-effective GPS units that can go practically anywhere.

LAS 54 With Sharespot Location Sharing And Tracking System

The LAS 54 costs about $30, just a few dollars more than the LAS Sync. What do you get for the extra money?

The unit offers a waterproof, dustproof design built to work well in challenging environments. It’s the perfect option when you want a GPS unit for boats, construction equipment, and snowmobiles.

The LAS 54 has a battery that can last one to three weeks between charging. If you put the unit on low-power mode, you don’t have to charge the battery for about six months. You can always change the power mode via the Silvercloud app.

The unit also comes with a strong, built-in magnet you can use to attach the GPS device to most metals. That way, you can track vehicles without letting drivers know. You can also track stolen crates and packages to help law enforcement retrieve them.

LAS Overdrive

If you’re willing to spend more money, the LAS Overdrive gives you much longer battery life. The extended battery lasts three to four times longer than the LAS 54’s battery. It does cost nearly $300, but you get a covert, effective GPS unit that goes the distance.

Other Ways To Use Cost-Effective GPS Units

GPS units rely on a system of 30+ satellites that orbit the planet, making it possible for cost-effective GPS units to transfer and receive information. LAS GPS devices can also use 4G LTE technology to send and retrieve data. That combination means you can access GPS from practically any location on the planet.

These days, GPS units go places other than roads and well-trafficked waterways. Companies often use them:

  • Improve security at big box stores.
  • Protect expensive assets from theft.
  • Coordinate activities at concerts, festivals, and other events.
  • Move food trucks to locations where hungry customers want to spend money.
  • Dispatch home health care vehicles and direct them to patients quickly.
  • Assess risk when insuring assets.
  • Ensure that customers receive waste management services.

You probably want to take advantage of some of these features. The cost doesn’t need to prevent you from reaching your goals. Cost-effective GPS units work just as well as expensive devices. You just save money when you buy them and subscribe to a data service plan that fits your needs. LAS makes it easy for you to choose the right device for your company or individual desires.

Find The Perfect GPS Device With Help From LAS

Not sure which cost-effective GPS units you should choose? We’re here to help. LAS works with individuals, businesses, and government agencies to ensure they get the right GPS devices for their needs.

Feel free to contact our office in Illinois via phone or email. We have employees who speak English and Spanish, so we can easily serve a broad range of customers. Whether you need one GPS unit for the family car or 1,000 devices for a fleet of trucks, we can point you in the right direction and give you a fair price. We look forward to hearing from you!