Does My Golf Cart Need A GPS?

A golf cart or golf buggy is a familiar sight on golf courses both large and small — although of course, you’ll see many more on the larger golf courses! Golf carts are sturdy vehicles, built low to the ground to allow them to carry golfers over all kinds of terrain. They’re not built for speed — most golf carts won’t go above 30 mph. But they’re a reliable and efficient way of getting a golfer and their clubs and other gear around a large course. This makes golf accessible to more people and allows golf caddies to have a break every now and then!

Golf carts have a surprising market value, with some models valued at over $18,000. That’s just one reason why GPS for golf cart owners and users could be an essential investment. Let’s explore who needs GPS for golf carts and the reasons why.

GPS For Golf Cart Users

Golfers who are lucky enough to own their own golf cart need a way to protect that asset. If you’re an individual owner, you have the option to upgrade your cart in many ways. You may want to install Bluetooth capability to enjoy music while you’re out on the course. Heavy-duty tires can transform your already terrain-savvy vehicle into an off-road monster. Batteries with a greater voltage can increase the speed on some models. Or maybe you just want to play golf in luxury, with extra comfortable seats and an onboard cooler. Every upgrade you choose increases the value of your vehicle — which can make it more tempting to thieves. GPS for golf carts is one way to mitigate the risk of having your golf cart stolen. Small, magnetic GPS devices are easy to attach wherever is convenient on the cart. A LandAirSea GPS tracker includes real-time tracking, so if a thief does steal your golf cart, you can securely log in and track its movements. This helps you work effectively with the relevant authorities to get your vehicle back.

You may also want the reassurance of someone always knowing where you are. This is particularly useful when you’re out on a golf course you’ve never been on before or a larger course that’s easy to lose your way around. You never know when you might drop your cell phone, or perhaps you forgot to charge it up. Providing a friend, family member, or colleague with the details of your tracking device can help them locate you in an emergency — or even if you’re just a bit lost out on the course. That’s peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

GPS For Golf Course Owners Or Managers

If you own a golf course, or have the task of managing one, you’re no doubt in charge of many golf carts. Installing a GPS tracker in each of your carts can prevent a lot of headaches. As we touched on in the last section, someone getting lost on the course is no picnic. Knowing where all your golfers are at all times can help you get to them quickly if they need assistance. If someone falls ill, you can direct emergency services to their exact location. If someone is lost, you can send someone to help them out. GPS for golf carts improves the service you can provide, as well as helps protect your assets from loss or theft.

Beyond this, the telemetry you gain from tracking the use of your golf carts can help give you business insights. Which parts of the course get the most traffic? Will they need additional maintenance? Do people struggle in some areas? Is additional landscaping required? GPS also helps if you have any golf cart breakdowns mid-game, as you can locate the cart and get to it quickly.

Other Uses For Golf Cart GPS

Of course, golf carts aren’t just used by those who play golf. Golf carts are useful methods of transportation across many large estates or complexes. These include living communities, leisure facilities, colleges and other large educational settings, and industrial and commercial facilities. Security teams can use them as an effective way of quickly getting around communities or the buildings they look after. Campgrounds and vacation properties can use them to ferry visitors from the entrance to their individual campsite or other accommodation. Some towns even hire them out to visitors as a simple way to get around and see the sights — making GPS even more vital. In fact, golf carts are so popular, market research experts expect the value of the golf cart market to increase by 5% a year for at least the next half-decade.

With so many industries utilizing the benefits of golf carts, it’s reassuring to know that there are plenty of high-quality asset tracking GPS options available. Talk to LandAirSea and find out which GPS trackers are ideal for staying connected, avoiding the anxiety of getting lost, and protecting expensive assets like golf carts.