GPS Units For PIs: How Location Data Can Solve Your Next Case

Today’s private investigators have far more tools in their toolbox than Magnum, P.I. ever did. Those tools include drones, public and private databases, the latest cameras and trusty GPS devices that can track people wherever they are in the world.

LandAirSea (LAS) has a wide range of surveillance trackers for those in the private investigations industry, with tiny and discrete GPS-enabled devices that provide real-time reports and location insights that can crack a case wide open. In this post, learn the benefits of GPS units for PIs and how LAS products help detectives searching for answers.

What Are GPS Units For PIS?

GPS units for PIs are small, discrete tracking devices that detectives can attach to almost any object – a suspect’s backpack, for example, or a shady vehicle. Once activated, these devices connect to the private investigator’s desktop, laptop or smart device and generate real-time location insights about the object’s location – and, inadvertently, the person who owns the object. GPS receivers use information from satellites that orbit the earth, using a scientific process called ‘trilateration’ to estimate a user’s precise location. The military has used similar devices since the early days of the Cold War.

Say a PI wants to find out the whereabouts of a person who disappears for two hours every Saturday morning without telling their family where they are going. The PI could attach a GPS device, like those made by LAS, under the dashboard or on the underside of that person’s vehicle. They could then track the person’s movements as they travel from one location to another and back again. These location insights could help solve a criminal or civil case the PI is investigating.

Why Invest In GPS Units For PIS?

Traditional law enforcement has used GPS units for years and cracked many cases just by tracking someone’s location. GPS units for PIs do pretty much the same thing. They can become the final ‘piece of the puzzle’ for investigators unable to solve a mystery just by looking through private and public databases or reading through someone’s social media posts.

Take the LandAirSea 54, for example, one of LAS’ most popular GPS units for PIs. Manufactured and engineered in the United States, the device provides users with geofence, InstaFence and speed alerts, helping PIs ascertain someone’s exact location in mere seconds. By attaching one of these devices to a person of interest’s car, PIs can determine the number of stops that person makes, the amount of time they spend idle in the vehicle, and their final destination. No other technology can provide investigators with such details. The LandAirSea 54 comes with adapter cables or magnets that attach to almost any object. All that’s left for a PI to do is download the Silvercloud app on their computer or smart device and start tracking location data.

Investigators should invest in GPS units for PIs because they provide granular location information about a person’s whereabouts. These teeny-tiny devices have the power to locate a missing person, a scene of a crime, a long-lost relative, solve a decades-long cold case, or even expose a cheating partner! LAS GPS trackers are convenient, affordable – up to 80 percent cheaper than similar products on the market – and accurate within six inches. Again, no technology can make or break the success of a criminal or civil case like GPS.

What Should Investigators Look For When Buying GPS Units For PIS?

There are various GPS units on the marketplace, so it’s difficult to know where to start if you’ve never used one of these technologies before. You might also be wondering whether you can use those mobile apps that claim to track someone’s location using their smartphone. The problem with these apps is that they are rarely accurate; investing in a proper GPS tracking unit makes much more sense if you work as a professional investigator.

Look for a GPS unit that provides accurate location data to a high level of provision. The best devices are capable of providing real-time location insights within six inches. Then consider the size of the unit. You’ll want a GPS tracker to be small enough to attach to something like a backpack or car dashboard without being noticed by the person you are tracking. Big, bulky devices will give the game away and potentially damage the case you’ve been working on for weeks, months, or even years.

Consider purchasing the LandAirSea 2020, which is completely rechargeable so you’ll never have to replace the battery. It utilizes 4G LTE GPS tracking technology so you can monitor people, vehicles, and assets and become a more successful private investigator. With its mini pocket-portable design, this device is easy to transport and conceal, making it one of the most powerful accessories in the private investigations industry. The LandAirSea 2020 has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon.

Why Should You Choose Las GPS Units For PIS?

As well as all the benefits listed above, LAS GPS units provide private investigators with more flexibility, control and battery life than many other products on the market:

Customer Service

LAS offers 24/7 customer service so PIs can troubleshoot any issues quickly and get back to doing what they do best: Investigating!

Battery Life

LAS devices come with a battery that can last up to 1 year. That’s one of the longest battery lives available for these kinds of devices. Users can save even more juice with Powersaver mode.

Mobile App

Users can download the Silvercloud app if they have an iOS or Android device.

Ease Of Use

Some GPS units for PIs are complicated to use. Not products from LAS. To get started, just download the Silvercloud app and connect your tracking device to almost any object you like using the provided cables or magnets. Then you can start tracking location data direct in Silvercloud or set up notifications on your device.

User Guides

Want to know how to catch cheating with GPS? Or attach a GPS unit to a vehicle? LAS has several user guides online.

Final Word

Private detectives will benefit from GPS units for PIs immensely. These discrete trackers attach to objects so investigators can track persons of interest and view real-time location data on their computers or smart devices. The potential for GPS in the private investigations industry is almost limitless. Some investigators have used these trackers to identify missing persons, solve crimes, clear up probate-related issues, identify long-long family members and expose cheating partners.

LAS has developed and manufactured innovative GPS technologies since 1994, helping private investigators worldwide execute day-to-day tasks. Click here to learn more about why you should use GPS for private investigations.