Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Coming up with holiday gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts can be tricky — especially if you’re not an outdoors type yourself! More and more people are starting to explore nature and the wild, perhaps as a reaction to being cooped up during the recent pandemic or as an affirmation of life by embracing adventure. We’ve pulled together five great holiday ideas for outdoor enthusiasts to help you get it right this festive season.

1. Bicycle Accessories

Cycling is great for fitness and the environment, plus it’s a great way to explore the great outdoors. Because of this, Research and Markets estimates that by 2027, the global cycling market will reach $82.3 billion! If you know someone who is part of this boom, buying them some cool accessories for their bike is sure to be a big hit. Ask them if they already have bike bags, lights, bells, or even a maintenance kit to help them deal with emergency repairs when they’re out and about. You could even get them a better helmet, looking at safety innovations like shock absorbency or integrated music.

2. An Experience Day

This is a great gift option for both those who are already outdoor enthusiasts and those who are just considering becoming a little more adventurous. Experience gifts usually allow the recipient to book a specialist experience, which may last one day or a weekend. Choose the type of experience based on your loved one’s interests — would they love a guided hiking tour, or are they more of a thrill-seeker than that? If so, look into zipline adventures, white water river rafting, or intense rock-climbing experiences. Winter lovers might appreciate a snowmobile experience, skiing, or even a show shoe trek through the woods.

3. GPS Tracking Device

One of the daunting aspects of exploring outdoors is the potential for getting lost. With an intelligent GPS tracking device, that’s a worry of the past. Buy your outdoor enthusiast a GPS tracker, like the versatile models from LandAirSea. Waterproof, dustproof, and compact, these GPS trackers provide multiple ways for the outdoor adventure enthusiast to stay in touch with anyone who needs to know where the explorer is. The device can send text and email alerts — and even be tracked in real time via a secure login. The user can attach it to a vehicle or take it with them as they hike, climb, or cycle to keep loved ones or colleagues reassured. Contact LandSeaAir for advice on the best GPS trackers for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Camping Gear

Camping is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. There are so many safe and beautiful places to camp across America, from monitored sites with a range of facilities to quiet spots in the woods for the more experienced. Perhaps prompted by the pandemic, the number of first-time campers in 2020 multiplied by a factor of 5 compared to the previous year. Having the right gear is essential, so have a chat with the campers in your life and find out what they’re missing. Compact “all in one” kitchens can help campers stay in the places they love for longer without going hungry. Extra warm layers or sleeping bags can extend the length of the camping season. And of course, if you know someone who wants to start camping but hasn’t yet done so, splashing out on an easy-to-erect inflatable tent could be just the gift to get them outdoors. Inflatable tents have “poles” made out of tubes of air — similar to the inner tubes of a bicycle wheel — which campers simply inflate to create a durable outdoor shelter, making them both innovative and practical. Less costly camping gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts include portable stoves, wind-up torches so they’re never stuck without a light, or comfortable sleeping mats.

5. The Right Backpack

If your friend or loved one is difficult to buy for, it may be that they already have all the gear they need — but do they have something that’s just right for carrying it all in? Having the right backpack or hiking bag that allows them to pack all their gear away safely, leaving their hands free for climbing, using a hiking stick, or moving foliage out of the way, is absolutely essential for all fans of the outdoors. Look for sturdy bags that are large enough to hold a good amount of gear without being unwieldy or cumbersome. Elastic straps or bands on the outside of the bag can allow users to tuck away things they need access to frequently — such as a water bottle or snacks. Also, check that the bag has plenty of small pockets as well as a large central hold-all. The smaller pockets are essential so that they don’t lose their compass, any essentials such as antihistamines or inhalers, and their GPS tracking devices. Pair a sturdy bag with a roll-up raincoat and they’ll be prepared for any weather too.

What do you think of our list of holiday ideas for the outdoor enthusiast in your life? Share this list and help someone else who’s struggling to find the right gift for their adventurous friends or family!