How GPS Covers Your Property

Are you interested in using GPS to protect your property? There are several benefits of using GPS units for property management, including greater asset protection and reduced risk. If you’re looking to learn more about how GPS helps with property management and protection, keep reading.

How Does GPS Help With Property Management And Protection?

Using GPS to protect property isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s a proven method that can give you peace of mind and even reduce your insurance premiums for certain assets. So, how does using GPS units for property management work? It starts with the type of GPS unit you choose and where you install it. Here’s a look at some common examples.


One of the most common use cases for GPS devices is to protect vehicles. This option means the GPS unit won’t just track where the vehicle is (or its last known location if it’s stolen) but can also track driving behaviors. This method means your GPS device can reveal:

  • Unsafe driving habits, such as speeding or sudden braking
  • Unauthorized use of the vehicle, such as diverging from a daily route
  • Usage habits, including when and how much the vehicle is used

With so many benefits, this option is actually one of the best uses for this technology, which is why parents and business owners alike use vehicle GPS trackers. By knowing where your vehicles are, when they leave the property, and where they go, GPS tracking can give you greater peace of mind and control.


Beyond vehicle tracking, GPS technology can help you with property protection by giving you 24/7 insights into your equipment. Some of the most common use cases include farm and construction equipment, which are extremely valuable and need to be utilized safely and efficiently.

By using GPS to protect company property like your specialty equipment, you’ll know:

  • If the equipment leaves a set boundary, such as the vicinity of the property
  • When the equipment is operated and if operations fall outside set hours
  • How the equipment is being utilized, and if it’s being operated safely

All these aspects can help you keep your property and your employees safe. By knowing when, how, and where equipment was last used, you can better understand how your workers are performing and get ahead of potential issues, such as unsafe behavior, before it poses a risk to your business.

Marine And Recreational

Using GPS to protect property isn’t limited to the assets you have on land. With the right GPS device, you can easily keep tabs on marine and recreational equipment, whether it’s the family boat or your outfitter’s fleet of rental toys. For instance, LandAirSea offers durable, weatherproof trackers that work in even the most rugged environments, including on snowmobiles and ATVs.

With the right GPS device, you can track:

  • When people leave the trails, which could put extra wear and tear on your assets
  • The last known location of an individual if they get lost or run out of gas
  • If people exceed the boundaries you’ve set for range or speed

The benefits of using GPS to protect property of this kind, which may be prone to misuse, are limitless, especially if you have kids or you’re dealing with a commercial operation. Not only will the presence of GPS trackers deter bad behavior, but it will also provide you with greater power to enforce extra charges and safety protocols.

Why People Trust GPS For Property Management

Using GPS to protect property is a time-tested method, but if you’re still on the fence about investing in some GPS units to monitor your assets, here’s a look at the primary reasons why people trust them:

  • Modern GPS units like those from LandAirSea can alert you when an asset leaves a set boundary, such as your property line
  • If you set up specific rules, like a top speed, you can get notified if a driver exceeds that speed during operation
  • Other unsafe behavior, including sudden braking, can be brought to your attention in an instant when you have GPS devices installed
    By tracking the location of your assets, your GPS unit can reveal unauthorized use, such as if an employee deviates from their typical route
  • Quiet hours can also make you privy to unauthorized use and potential theft by telling you when a device is activated during the night (or any other time when it’s supposed to be off)
  • If your employees, customers, or children are aware of the GPS units, they will be less likely to break the rules, saving you time and frustration
  • Labels showing that your assets are protected by GPS can deter theft; plus, real-time location tracking can help you recover an asset if it’s lost or stolen
  • Historical data can help support you if you need to file an insurance claim or fire an employee for misconduct
  • Ultimately, whether you’re using GPS units for your property at home or your business, the data they reveal is immensely valuable. By giving you added peace of mind, GPS units can make protecting your assets that much easier.

Why You Should Choose LandAirSea For Your GPS Coverage

Now that you know all the benefits of using GPS units to protect property, you might be wondering what the best device looks like. In reality, there are a number of sizes, shapes, and features to choose from, and it comes down to where you plan to use your GPS unit. For instance, an ATV will require a more rugged and durable device than a company car.

If you’re interested in exploring our best-selling GPS devices, LandAirSea has you covered. With a range of units to fit various use cases, we can match you with the perfect GPS solution for your home or business. If you need help, reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.