How LAS Helps Municipalities

Municipal governments play critical roles in the lives of people living in communities, from small towns to large cities. Municipal responsibilities often include public health and safety, policing, public works, developing infrastructure, education, and recreation. LandAirSea (LAS) GPS units and software can help with these and other areas to help municipalities thrive.

Learn more about how communities can benefit from LAS GPS by visiting the Government and Municipalities industry page. You can find information about everything from coordinating town events with GPS to protecting assets from theft.

GPS Units For Towns Decrease Costs

GPS units can help municipalities save money in several ways. Using GPS in cities can potentially prevent thieves from stealing municipal vehicles. Preventing theft saves money by reducing the number of cars the government needs to buy. It also decreases costs by lowering insurance premiums.

GPS units for towns can also help decrease costs by:

  • Creating more efficient driving routes for city vehicles, which improves employee productivity and lowers fuel expenses.
  • Letting managers track employee behaviors to avoid excessive downtime.
  • Encouraging safer driving habits—LAS SilverCloud software lets you receive alerts when drivers speed.

Municipal governments need to achieve as much as possible without exceeding their budgets. GPS in cities and towns makes it easier for officials and managers to stay within their budget’s limitations without cutting services.

Track And Improve Traffic Patterns

Many people assume that adding or expanding roads will help solve traffic congestion. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t always that simple. Adding lanes can contribute to a phenomenon called “induced demand.” Adding lanes could literally make traffic worse by encouraging more people to use those roads.

Governments can’t solve traffic problems until they have accurate data about existing traffic patterns. GPS units can help municipalities collect the data needed to make informed decisions. For example, adding GPS units to buses provides insights into where those vehicles face the most congestion. Redrawing routes could help public transit perform more efficiently.

Adding GPS units to government vehicles also provides real-world data about how drivers respond to traffic conditions. GPS data might show that government employees tend to drive erratically in certain areas. Once you know this, you can hire an expert to investigate the underlying reasons for traffic congestion and driver frustration.

Coordinating town events with GPS can also improve traffic patterns during abnormal circumstances. Perhaps your town is hosting a fair or festival. Tracking vehicles with GPS leads to data-driven insights into how to improve traffic flow in the moment and plan for future events.

GPS Units Can Improve Public Safety

Public safety relies on coordinated effort from several municipal departments, including police, fire, and public transportation. By using more GPS in cities, you should find that your departments can work together more effectively to protect residents.

GPS For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement must respond to calls as quickly as possible. When driving, GPS in cities can help officers find the most efficient routes to their destinations. Every second matters during an emergency.

Officers can also use GPS devices while traveling on foot. Supervisors can use the data to improve law enforcement within the community. If an area doesn’t get enough attention, they can redirect officers to those places. If a low-crime neighborhood has several officers working nearby, supervisors might want to move some of them elsewhere.

GPS units for towns can also help police departments gather evidence against criminals. A discreet, well-hidden GPS device can track vehicles and collect data that detectives use to prove cases.

GPS For Fire Departments

Ideally, most fire departments can respond to and reach destinations within 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Achieving that goal often means deciding which fire station should react to a call and finding the fastest route to the situation. This is another instance where every second matters, so it’s critical to give fire departments the technology they need to excel.

GPS For Schools Buses And Public Transit

School buses represent the largest public fleets operated by municipal governments for many towns and cities. Adding GPS devices to school buses makes it possible to observe how drivers perform. If someone drives recklessly, you can consider removing or retraining them to keep students safe.

Additionally, tracking school buses could reveal more efficient routes that get students to school on time and lower fuel expenses.

Public transit can benefit from GPS in similar ways. Whether you want to optimize routes or you expect a lot of people to visit your community for a special event, GPS provides an effective way to improve services. Over time, plotting more efficient routes and coordinating town events with GPS becomes easier because you have more data driving your decisions.

The Best GPS Units For Towns And Cities

LAS has several GPS units that can help towns and cities improve services while lowering costs. Compare the following options to choose a device that matches your needs.

LAS 54

The LAS 54 is a budget-friendly GPS unit with a built-in magnet mount and waterproof, dustproof design. Its small size and light weight make it a practical option for tracking a broad range of items and vehicles. You can turn on “low power mode” for up to six months between recharging. For regular use, you can expect to recharge the battery every one to three weeks.

Get more details about the LAS 54.

LAS Overdrive

The LAS Overdrive is slightly larger and heavier than the LAS 54, but it has a longer battery life that can last up to four weeks when used daily. On “low power mode,” the LAS Overdrive can work for up to 12 months without needing a recharge. It has a waterproof, dustproof design that works in nearly all environments. You also benefit from a built-in magnet mount that can connect to most metals.

Whether coordinating town events with GPS or tracking government assets, LAS Overdrive can help.

Learn more about the LAS Overdrive,

LAS Sync

The LAS Sync is one of your top options for tracking trucks, cars, and other vehicles. The GPS unit plugs directly into an OBD-II port, so you don’t need to worry about recharging the battery.

Learn more details about the LAS Sync.

Talk To LAS About Options For GPS And Cities

Do you need help choosing the right options for GPS and cities? Representatives at LAS are happy to talk to you about devices that other clients have used to coordinate events, track vehicles, and improve security. We have representatives who speak English and Spanish, so we can help a broad range of customers find the perfect fit.

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