Maximize Your Rv Experience: The Benefits Of GPS Trackers For Nomadic Summer Travels

Around half of all American travelers prefer RV travel to other forms of travel, and it’s easy to see why. Taking a few weeks or months out of life to explore the great outdoors in an RV can be a thrilling or even spiritual experience, where travelers escape the beaten path and leave behind the pressures of modern society — just like a real nomad!

If you plan to take an RV vacation this summer, don’t forget your GPS tracker! You can place this discrete piece of equipment in your vehicle and quickly locate the RV when someone steals it during your travels. Other RV GPS benefits include real-time location, speeding, and arrival and departure notifications, helping you plan your trip and improve safety on the road.

LandAirSea (LAS) has pioneered GPS surveillance technology since the ’90s and has an incredible range of GPS devices for nomadic summer travels in your RV. You’ll learn more about these products below and how they can maximize your RV experience.

What Are GPS Trackers For Nomadic Summer Travels?

GPS trackers, like those manufactured by LAS, are devices that monitor the location of your RV wherever it is in the world. Smaller and more portable than conventional in-car GPS systems, trackers collect data from satellites and send it to your computer, smartphone, or tablet, providing real-time location intelligence on your road trip whenever you need it. Placing a GPS tracker in your RV this summer means you can track its location no matter how far you are from the vehicle.

GPS trackers use something called trilateration to determine the location of your RV. This results in more accurate insights, helping you find your vehicle if you can’t remember where you parked it — which might happen when traveling from place to place during your summer vacation. Another technology called geofencing allows you to receive notifications on your smart device if your RV moves from its original location, such as a camping site. If someone steals your vehicle, you can view its live location on your smartphone or tablet and find its destination.

All of the above is possible thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which consists of 32 satellites that orbit the planet. GPS trackers receive signals from these satellites to work out the location of your RV, meaning you can track your vehicle even if you don’t have an internet connection or Bluetooth. GPS tracker apps work offline, so you can generate location insights about your RV during your travels at any time.

How Do GPS Trackers Enhance The RV Experience?

Plan to hit the open road in your RV this summer? Investing in a GPS tracker is a good idea! Here are some of the benefits of these devices for your upcoming trip:

Find Your RV

Nomadic travel typically involves exploring the great outdoors with no set plans. You might spend a few days at a music festival, another couple of days wandering through a national park, and then drive to a new city or town. When visiting multiple locations during your road trip, it can be easy to forget where you parked your RV. That’s where a GPS tracker comes in handy!

Leaving a GPS tracker in your parked RV makes it easy to find that vehicle when it’s time to move on to your next destination. Instead of searching for your RV in a crowded parking lot or remote area, you can check its location on your smartphone and know exactly where you left it. LAS devices, for example, sync with the Silvercloud mobile app, which helps you find your RV even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Locate Your RV If It Goes Missing

RV theft increased by 30% from 2016-2020, with more criminals stealing these vehicles to sell their parts and make a quick profit. That’s why protecting your RV during your nomadic adventure is critical. By hiding a GPS tracker in your vehicle and creating a geofence — a virtual boundary around a real-world location — on the Silvercloud app, you can receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet if your RV moves from its original area, which suggests someone has stolen it.

Say you visit a music festival in your RV and leave your vehicle in a parking lot. You can create a geofence around the parking lot and receive notifications on your smartphone if your RV departs that geofence. You can then log into the Silvercloud app and view the location of your RV as it moves from the parking lot to a second destination.

Selected LAS trackers for RVs have a feature called ShareSpot that lets you share real-time location information with whomever you like. Sharing geofence data with law enforcement, for example, might help you retrieve a stolen vehicle before or after it moves to a second location. Without GPS tracking, it’s almost impossible to find a stolen RV.

Improve Driver Safety And Generate Driving Insights

The best GPS trackers do more than prevent theft and help you find your RV. You might benefit from a product that generates speeding alerts, letting you stay safe on the road during your nomadic travels. Selected LAS products record the average speed of your vehicle as you move from one location to another, helping you improve driver safety and stay on the right side of the law. For example, you can receive notifications on your smart device if you travel too fast and need to slow down.

LAS products with ShareSpot also let you share location insights and arrival and departure notifications with anyone you like, such as friends and family members you plan to meet on your vacation. For example, friends can track your RV and know what time you will arrive at their location.

Monitor Your Loved Ones

Nomadic adventures are all about seeing where the open road takes you — and those traveling with you. By keeping your GPS tracker in your RV at all times, you can monitor who is driving your vehicle and ensure they get to their chosen destination safely and on time.

Say you decide to stay at a campsite for a couple of days but your traveling companion wants to visit a nearby town in your RV. You can track their location as they travel from the campsite to their new destination and make sure they take the correct route and arrive at the right time. If your RV takes an alternative route, your friend might be lost or in trouble. In this scenario, you can share location information with law enforcement via ShareSpot and try to find them.

How LAS Can Improve Nomadic Summer Travels

When exploring new destinations this summer, you need a GPS device you can rely on. Here are the best GPS trackers for summer RV travel from LAS:

1. LandAirSea 54

The LandAirSea 54 tracker with ShareSpot attaches discretely to multiple areas of your RV with its industrial strength magnets, making it a fantastic choice for your upcoming trip. Dustproof and waterproof, this GPS tracker is perfect for traveling in remote locations and on rough terrains. It has a long-lasting battery, syncs easily with the Silvercloud app, and generates speed and arrival and departure notifications.

2. LandAirSea Sync

The LandAirSea Sync is the perfect accessory for long road trips in your RV because it doesn’t require any batteries whatsoever. Connect the Sync to the OBD II port in your RV and get continuous juice for your travels. Just plug it in, and start tracking! Like other LAS devices, the Sync can pinpoint your RV within six inches, making it more precise than other GPS devices.

3. LandAirSea Overdrive

The LandAirSea Overdrive is a waterproof and dustproof device with a battery that provides four times as much juice as the one in the 54, saving you more money in the long run. You can attach it to multiple areas in your RV with its provided magnet and receive battery, speed, and fence alerts. This device even has a dark mode, making it easy to set up your tracking device in unlit conditions.

If you’re not sure which LAS to choose for your nomadic travels, contact us! LAS will help you find the best device for your summer vacation.

Have A Safer Nomadic Adventure With GPS

When traveling off the beaten path this summer, anything can happen. Investing in a GPS tracker for your RV can help you locate your vehicle when you can’t find it or it goes missing, improve driver safety, provide friends and family with location insights, and monitor loved ones. Whether you choose the LAS 54, Sync, or Overdrive, you can enhance your nomadic travels and benefit from real-time location data.

Order a GPS tracker today and start planning your nomadic summer vacation. Or email [email protected] for more info about LAS’ GPS trackers for RVs.