Recover Stolen Vehicles Fast With LandAirSea

Over 700,000 motor vehicles are stolen every year in the United States, with an average cost to owners of more than $7000 per vehicle. Things that increase the risk for car theft include leaving keys in the car, leaving expensive — and therefore tempting — goods in the car, parking away from lights or people, and a lack of security.

Despite the increasing rates of car theft, though, the number of vehicles recovered is also steadily on the rise. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommends various forms of car security, but maintains firmly that “tracking devices are very effective in helping authorities recover stolen vehicles.” LandAirSea helps you recover stolen vehicles with GPS trackers boasting the latest technologies and connectivity. But just how do GPS trackers for vehicles work?

GPS Trackers — The Basics

GPS stands for “global positioning system.” GPS satellites provide location information on any device they connect to. You’ll know this from having used maps applications on your cell phone or in your car.

A GPS can be a small device that attaches to a car, van, or truck – or anything else you need to keep track of. The GPS tracker uses satellite positioning to provide an accurate location for the vehicle and transmits that information back to a server. Users can then securely access that server via a personal or business login to see where the vehicle is and even how fast it’s traveling.

It’s clear that, in the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, being able to immediately locate your vehicle via GPS is a massive help in potentially recovering that vehicle.

Recover Stolen Vehicles With GPS Trackers Faster

It’s quicker to get your vehicle back when you use a GPS tracker, primarily because you can liaise with the relevant authorities and provide clear and accurate data concerning the whereabouts of your vehicle. Contact the police as soon as you realize vehicle theft has occurred. That goes for individual or commercial theft — the quicker you record the crime, the more seriously police will take it and the better chance you have of a fast recovery.

The team investigating the vehicle theft will need various information, including registration details and last known location. Being able to provide GPS data from a real-time tracker makes it much simpler for the police to track your vehicle down and return it to you before any damage occurs. Always contact your insurer as well.

Essential For Business Fleets

GPS trackers are essential for fleet managers in any industry. Whether you run delivery bikes, company cars for a sales team, or a nationwide logistics service, your vehicles are part of the lifeblood of your company. Losing one isn’t just a financial consideration. It takes a member of your dedicated team off the road and reduces productivity, and it could even affect company-client relations.

Fitting every vehicle in your fleet with a GPS tracker means you can quickly team up with authorities to recover stolen vehicles and minimize any losses. GPS trackers offer a wide variety of other business uses, including monitoring the routes your drivers take, logging mileage, and more.

GPS Tracking For A Range Of Vehicles

Of course, it’s not just cars that are at risk of theft. Over 2 million bicycles are stolen every year in the United States. And more than 40,000 motorcycles go missing yearly. Even RVs and other recreational vehicles are at risk, as they often contain items that can be sold, making them tempting to steal for the opportunistic vehicle thief.

RV specialist websites report that RVs are actually at high risk for theft, but incidents are often lumped in with generic “motor vehicle theft” stats, so the stats are often inaccurate. One site states that RV theft may have increased as much as 867% in 2020, a shocking figure considering the high costs of these vehicles.

Having the best chance of retrieving your expensive vehicle means investing in an effective GPS tracker. Of course, recovering a vehicle isn’t just about mitigating financial loss. Vehicles are important to people for a variety of reasons. They can keep you connected to the people you love. They might keep you working. They may have sentimental value or be the only way you have to go on vacation with the family. If you ever go through the stress of vehicle theft, recover your vehicle as fast as possible with high-end GPS trackers you can access from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or data signal.

LandAirSea can help you recover stolen vehicles with GPS trackers that are affordable, versatile, and available with a range of useful accessories such as waterproof cables. We work with more than 60 different industries to provide the right vehicle tracking solutions. Get in touch today to find out more, and let us help you protect your vehicle or corporate fleet.