Tracking Your Boating Equipment With GPS

The term boating equipment refers to a broad range of products you use with a boat. Some common types of boating equipment include outboard motors, inflatable rafts for water sports, entertainment systems and speakers, trailers, and fishing gear.

As you probably know already, none of those items are inexpensive. Whether you own a few pieces of equipment for personal use or you have a business that rents them to customers, you want to make sure you protect your investment. GPS units for boating equipment make that possible.

Prevent Theft

It’s much harder to find statistics about boat theft than car theft. However, the latest information shows that about 75% of stolen boats are less than 26 feet long. That suggests most thieves target personal watercraft.

Criminals probably target smaller boats because they often lack the security that large, commercial craft have. Plenty of people tie their boats to a dock and trust that the community will keep an eye out for trespassers.

Unfortunately, that approach won’t always work. When you track boating equipment with GPS devices, you add a critical layer of security that protects your belongings. If someone steals your boating equipment, law enforcement can use your GPS unit to find its location. That should significantly increase the chance of having your boating equipment returned to you.

Improve Safety On The Water

Many people love spending time on the water. Unfortunately, it only takes one mistake for a fun day to turn into a horrifying event. Each year, nearly 4,000 people die from unintentional drownings. An additional 8,000 experience nonfatal drownings.

Learning how to track boating equipment with GPS units doesn’t eliminate the danger of drowning, but it can lower the risk and give you some peace of mind. For example, a friend might decide that they want to explore a shallow area of the lake in a canoe while the rest of your party enjoys a fishing excursion. A few hours later, you can’t find your friend. You can use your smartphone to locate the GPS unit’s location. Hopefully, you find your friend enjoying the waters. If you discover an emergency situation, though, you can seek help as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rental Equipment

If you own a business that rents boating equipment to customers, you need durable, reliable GPS units to track locations and times. With GPS units, you can charge customers the correct amount for the time they use your boating equipment. You don’t have to guess. You have the return time right on your screen.

GPS units can also help you enforce safety regulations. If your location-tracking software shows that someone is moving too quickly, you can send them a text message that tells them to slow down.

Of course, GPS units can also help prevent theft. When someone doesn’t return the equipment you rented to them, you can either charge their account for the missing items or alert law enforcement to retrieve them for you. The approach you take could depend on factors such as the item’s value and whether you have an existing relationship with the client.

Revisit Your Favorite Locations

Changing water levels can make it difficult to find your favorite locations again. That perfect fishing spot from last week might look very different after several days of rain. Waterproof GPS units can help you return to the spots you love most.

While exploring waterways, you can use your GPS device to track where you go. When you find a truly wonderful spot, make a note of the location. When you want to return, you can use your GPS device and mobile device to find an efficient route back to the location.

With a small piece of technology, you can always find the best spots for fishing, bird watching, or just enjoying a beautiful location on the water.

Waterproof GPS Units For Boating Equipment

LAS makes two waterproof GPS units you can use for tracking boats and boating equipment. Both waterproof GPS units give you access to LAS’s Silvercloud app, which you can download to mobile devices or access online.

Silvercloud lets you:

  • Share locations with friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • Create temporary perimeters.
  • Receive alerts via text or email when units cross boundaries.
  • View historical location and maps.
  • Control lights and battery options.

Silvercloud makes it much easier to track boating equipment with GPS units because it adds useful features that you can access from any device connected to the internet.

LAS 54

The LAS 54 is a low-cost device with a small size and a built-in magnet. These features make it an excellent option when you want a stealth way to track boating equipment with GPS units. The LAS 54 uses 4G LTE and satellite connections, so it can transmit its location no matter where your boating equipment goes.

Expect the battery life to last from one to three weeks when you set the LAS 54 to transmit its location every three seconds to three minutes. Low power mode can keep the battery charged for up to six months.

Adding a power cable adapter kit to the LAS 54 keeps the unit charged at all times. As long as the boat’s battery has power, the LAS 54 can transmit its location.

LAS Overdrive

The LAS Overdrive has many of the same features as the LAS 54, including a built-in magnet and waterproof design. It’s slightly larger than the LAS 54, but it’s still small enough that you can use it as a stealthy way to track boating equipment with GPS units.

You might prefer the LAS Overdrive because it has a considerably longer battery life. A single charge can last up to 4 weeks when the unit transmits its location every 60 seconds. Low power mode can retain a charge for up to 12 months.

A cable adapter can connect the LAS Overdrive to a boat’s battery, ensuring that the device always has enough power to transmit its location.

Get Help Choosing The Right GPS Units For Boating Equipment

LAS works with marinas and other companies to ensure they can track boating equipment with GPS devices. Our representatives can also help you choose the right option for your needs. Whether you want to protect your personal possessions or track assets owned by a business, LAS can help.

Reach out to our office via email or call 847-462-8100 to learn more about GPS units for boating equipment. We have representatives who speak English and Spanish, so we’re prepared to help a broad range of people find the perfect waterproof GPS units for their needs.