Golf Cart GPS Trackers

LAS has an impressive suite of GPS tracking products that support golf course maintenance and operations.

Just attach one of our devices to a high-value item such as a golf cart and investigate the latest location information on your device.

Golf Course Maintenance and Operations

Our trackers boost visibility into your business with real-time location data that you can view on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Just attach one of our devices to a high-value item such as a golf cart and investigate the latest location information on your device.

Golf Carts GPS Trackers

Here are some reasons to use GPS tracking for golf course maintenance and operations:

  • Discover when fairways or greens were last cut or when employees last powered maintenance equipment.
  • View location data insights on a simple dashboard. See your entire golf course on one screen and the locations of all personnel and maintenance vehicles.
  • Quickly locate golf carts, landscaping equipment, and beverage vehicles.
  • Provide evidence of missing equipment to law enforcement and insurance providers.
  • Enhance the golfing experience when you plan beverage routes and maintain an efficient flow of play.
  • Eliminate theft with geofencing alerts. Discover when a golf cart, for example, leaves your course.
  • Reduce liability by detecting abuse of golfing and landscaping equipment.
  • Improve employee performance.

For nearly 30 years, LandAirSea has provided the latest GPS-enabled technology to various industries. Now we can improve golf course maintenance and operations.

What We Do
LandAirSea uses GPS technology to provide golf course managers with the latest location intelligence. You can reduce golf cart or equipment theft by tracking location data on your device. You’ll receive notifications when you need to take action! Our GPS trackers let you manage golf course operations so you can improve accountability, save money, and enhance employee productivity.


Golf carts and other equipment can cost thousands of dollars to replace. That’s why you need an asset management solution that generates location data wherever you are in the world. Now you can monitor your golf course equipment and personnel with a click of a mouse or swipe of a finger and reduce risk in your business.

Our range of GPS trackers for golf course managers include:

  • LandAirSea 54, which helps you track valuables when they leave your golf course or event space. Quickly locate these items on your device or provide location information to law enforcement. This device comes with industrial-strength magnets that you can attach to golf carts, golf clubs, golf bags, vehicles, and other items.
  • LandAirSea 2020 also helps you protect high-value items in your business. Quickly respond to emergencies or find out the location of personnel. This device also comes with industrial-strength magnets that you can attach to an asset.


Here are several reasons to invest in GPS tracking for golf course maintenance and operations:

  • 12-Month Battery LifeThe batteries on our tracking devices can last up to 1 year with the use of our Energy Saver feature.
  • Easy to Set Up — You can attach a GPS tracker to a high-value item such as a golf cart with the provided industrial-strength magnets or cables. Setting up your new technology can take as little as a few seconds.
  • App — Download our app to your iPhone or Android device and start tracking location data.
  • Cost — Our tracking devices cost up to 80 percent less than other GPS products available on the market.
  • One System — Manage all your GPS devices from one SaaS system for even better golf course management.
  • No Activation Fees or Contracts — There are activation fees or contracts associated with our GPS products. We are transparent about our prices.

How To Use Our GPS Tracking Devices

Here’s how to use your LandAirSea GPS tracking device:

  1. Download our Silvercloud app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free!
  2. Attach your tracking device to a golf cart, vehicle, or another asset with the cables or magnets provided.
  3. Track assets and employees in the Silvercloud app. Alternatively, turn on notifications and view real-time location intelligence.


LandAirSea supports golf course managers who want to improve maintenance and operations. Our suite of products helps you locate expensive equipment and track employees so you can reduce risk and improve productivity.

Use GPS in your golf course business and generate location data for better inventory management, employee performance, liability reduction, and asset production. Discover our LandAirSea tracking products.


Contact LandAirSea at 847-462-8100 or email [email protected] to learn about GPS tracking for golf course maintenance and operations.

Golf Cart Dealerships

LandAirSea (LAS) has a range of tracking solutions for dealers who sell and rent golf carts and other golfing accessories. Our cost-effective GPS trackers can help you identify the location of your most valuable assets and prevent theft in your organization. You can also streamline sales processes, improve accountability, manage inventory, protect assets, and reduce liability. These benefits are possible because of the latest GPS technology, such as geofencing, real-time maps, and customizable alerts.

Here are some reasons to invest in our GPS tracking units for golf carts and dealerships:

  • Improve inventory management by locating expensive golfing assets.
  • Reduce the time it takes to audit your golf carts and equipment.
  • Reduce liability with system alerts and driving reports.
  • Get insurance and theft prevention via recovery assistance and discreet installation.
  • Offer the security benefits of GPS to customers.
  • Monitor the deployment of golf carts and equipment at your dealership.
  • Verify the location of workers who move golf carts from one place to another.
  • Get historical data about golf carts and other assets.
  • Improve transparency and accountability in your organization.
  • Prevent the theft of golf carts and equipment.
  • Provide law enforcement and insurance companies with location data in the event of golf cart theft.
  • Improve productivity by sharing location data with the rest of your team.

Using our GPS trackers in your golf dealership is simple. Attach a device to a golf cart or another golfing accessory with the provided cables or magnets. Then download our app and track the location of your assets from one dashboard.

What We Do

LAS provides surveillance solutions to golfing dealerships that want to improve day-to-day operations. Our GPS units generate real-time insights into your inventory so you can streamline sales and rentals and offer customers better service. You can also reduce theft, improve workflows, and share location data with team members. We have specialized in GPS technology since 1994.

Why You Need To Invest In GPS Tracker Solution

Golf carts and other accessories are at risk of theft from customers and employees. By tracking these assets, you can save money in your organization and become more accountable. For example, place a tracker on a golf cart when renting it to a customer — if the customer doesn’t return the golf cart at the pre-agreed time, you can check its location and take quick recovery action.

Investing in our technology minimizes the risks involved with managing a golf cart dealership. You can view location data from your computer or smart device and make better decisions that benefit your business.

Here are two of the most popular tracking devices for golf cart dealerships available at LAS:

  • LandAirSea 54: Attach this small and discrete device to a golf cart or accessory with the provided magnets and cables. Then log into your Silvercloud app and identify its location at any time.
  • LandAirSea 2020: You can also monitor the location of golf carts and accessories by attaching this tiny device to a high-value asset.

Not sure what GPS tracker to use in your golf cart dealership? LAS can provide you with additional resources and general GPS tips. Contact us.

Why Should You Choose Our GPS Tracking Devices

Here are some of the advantages of using our GPS units in your golf cart dealership:

  • Online Tutorials — Get set-up and troubleshooting advice from our team of experts here.
  • 1 Year Battery LifeThe batteries on our tracking devices can last up to 1 year with the use of our Energy Saver feature.
  • App — Download the Silvercloud app on the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Easy to Set Up — Use the provided magnets or adapter cables to attach your GPS tracker to a golf cart or accessory.
  • Cost — Our products cost up to 80 percent less than other GPS tracking products.
  • No Activation Fees — We don’t charge you any activation fees.

How To Use Our GPS Trackers For Golf Carts and Dealerships

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the SilverCloud app.
  2. Connect your GPS tracker to a golf cart or accessory with the provided magnets or cables.
  3. Check the Silvercloud app for location insights whenever you like. Alternatively, set up custom system notifications for your smart device.


LAS works closely with golf cart dealerships to improve inventory management, customer service, accountability, and asset protection. Invest in our GPS trackers for greater visibility into your organization.

Our GPS tracking devices help you locate your most valuable assets. Discover our products for golf cart dealerships.


Contact LandAirSea at 847-462-8100 or email [email protected] for more information about our GPS units for golf cart dealerships.