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Real-Time Data on Your Computer or Mobile Device

The easiest way to know the location of every vehicle on your lot at all times.

Geofence & Overspeed

Setup alerts for the information you need immediately, like when a vehicle leaves your location.

Connect with
Your DMS

Integrates with many DMS vendors for a seamless addition to your current systems and work processes.


In only 2-steps, you can setup your device on a vehicle and start tracking on the mobile app.


Vehicle details at a glance.

From the Desktop or Mobile App, Synchronize easily accesses important vehicle information like VIN, Make, Model, Color, Vehicle Images, and Price.

Assign alerts to responsible staff.

Easily bulk add alerts to anyone on your staff who should receive vehicle alerts, including when:

  1. A vehicle has left a specified location, Geofencing.
  2. A device battery is low or has been removed.
  3. The device tracks an Overspeed trigger.

Download available reports.

Synchronize allows you to create, view, and download reports on current inventory and past vehicles. Easily pull reports on vehicle routes, vehicles sold, inventory based on make or model, and much more.


Keep Eyes on What Matters

When theft or loss is possible, you need reliable, real-time location information available at your fingertips.

Order LandAirSea Device

With magnetic and waterproof options, our device goes wherever you need it to go.

Place The Device

The self-contained, portable design means you can place your device within minutes after opening the box.

Start Tracking Immediately

Activate your International, Unlimited Data plan like you would a cellular device to start tracking immediately!


The location information every dealership needs.

Real-time location information helps prevent theft, loss, or misuse of your vehicle inventory. LandAirSea devices are designed to give you the location information you need when you need it. Plus, with our integration with your DMS, your team will feel equipped to track every vehicle.