10 Ways a Robust GPS Tracker Will Energize Weekend Adventures

What are you doing this weekend? Perhaps you’re preparing for an adventure such as a fishing expedition or hiking trip. Or maybe you’re going to the beach or visiting another city. Whatever you’re planning, a GPS tracker can find the quickest route to your destination, improve navigation, and keep you safe when away from home, among other benefits. Here are ten ways a robust GPS system will make this weekend a great one.

1. Find The Best Route

GPS devices, like those manufactured and sold by LandAirSea (LAS), receive signals from the Global Positioning System, a series of satellites that orbit Earth. That helps you plot the safest and quickest route to your weekend destination in real time. The result? You can avoid traffic and reach your port of call in the fastest possible timeframe.

While GPS-enabled smartphones do the same thing as above, these technologies require a Wi-Fi or cellular signal — both of which can be patchy in rural areas. GPS trackers, however, let you plan your route wherever you are in the world.

2. Explore The Great Outdoors

GPS trackers send location information to an application on your smartphone or tablet, such as LAS’ SilverCloud app, helping you explore your chosen destination. For example, you can view real-time maps on your smartphone with different trails in a national park. You might choose a route that passes by a lake, river, or other point of interest.

3. Save Your Favorite Locations

The best GPS trackers let you mark your favorite locations on a map so you can find them again in the future. Found the perfect picnic spot at your local park? Or a picturesque patch of your favorite beach? Save your most-loved areas before you forget about them! With LAS, this is as easy as opening the SilverCloud app when you reach your location. You can even find the best places to park your RV or pitch your tent, which improves tracking for camping.

4. Share Your Favorite Locations

Found a special spot that you want to share? Many GPS trackers let you tell your loved ones about your favorite locations. They can view your whereabouts in real time and even join you on your weekend adventure!

Selected LAS devices have a feature called ShareSpot, which lets you send your location to anyone you like. So now you can tell your best pal about a great new place to fish or an unspoiled beach you want them to visit.

5. Protect Your Vehicle

A stolen vehicle can ruin any weekend excursion. While a GPS car tracker device can’t prevent someone from stealing your vehicle, it can help you locate it and catch the person who took it. That’s thanks to a feature called geofencing, which creates a virtual parameter around a real-world location, such as a parking lot in a national park. By attaching a tracker to your car and setting up geofence notifications on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll receive alerts when your vehicle leaves that area, suggesting theft.

So, what can you do when you learn about a stolen vehicle? The ShareSpot feature on an LAS GPS car tracker device makes it easy to send your vehicle’s real-time whereabouts to law enforcement, who might be able to find it. You can also share location information with your insurance company to prove someone took your car. That can speed up your claim and release funds for a replacement sooner.

6. Organize A Geocaching Event

Geocaching is a fun game that involves hiding objects called geocaches in different places. You then share GPS coordinates for each location with game players and award a prize to the person or team that finds your geocaches in the quickest time. GPS trackers are essential for geocaching. For example, players can type coordinates into the SilverCloud app to find hidden objects.

7. Avoid Breaking The Law

The best GPS trackers on the market generate speed alerts when traveling in a vehicle for weekend adventures, helping you stay on the right side of the law. LandAirSea systems, for example, send notifications to your smartphone or tablet when you’re driving too fast, protecting everyone in your vehicle.

8. Give Friends Accurate ETAs

Planning a day at the beach with your old college chums? Or a weekend city break with your parents? With GPS trackers, you can schedule a get-together more effectively. Take a robust GPS system like the LandAirSea 54. These gadgets let you send arrival notifications to loved ones so they know when you’ll turn up at the location you agreed to meet at. If you’re running a little late, they will know about it!

9. Prevent Getting Lost

Say you’re hiking in a national park and suddenly can’t remember where you parked your car. Your smartphone has died, so there’s no way of knowing where you are. A GPS tracker could help you get out of this sticky situation by sending location information to a loved one back home. They’ll be able to see your whereabouts on a map in real time and pick you up if you end up in the wrong place or stay out for too long.

10. Take a Detour

Sometimes that destination you’ve always wanted to visit isn’t as good as you thought it would be. Thanks to a GPS tracker, you can quickly replan your weekend trip by finding the best route to another location. For example, you can bring up directions to a nearby town on the SilverCloud app and make your experience more exciting.

How LAS Can Energize Your Weekend Adventures

GPS trackers find the best route to your location, let you share your favorite places with loved ones, and improve safety when away from home, among other benefits. However, not all of these devices are created equal. LAS products include geofence, speed, arrival and departure notifications, ShareSpot, and other features that will energize your upcoming weekend excursion and make your life so much easier.

Other advantages of a robust GPS system from LAS include excellent customer service, simple set-up and activation, online tutorials, and long-lasting batteries. Plus, LAS devices are up to 80% cheaper than similar products.

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