Hunters, Do You Have the Right GPS Trackers for Your Sport?

A successful hunt often depends on finding just the right spot. Ideally, you can find a place with a large population of the animal you want to hunt. You also need to make sure you stay off private land.

GPS tracker systems can help you reach these and other goals. Before you go on your next outdoor adventure, take a few minutes to learn about LandAirSea GPS tracker systems so you can choose the right device for you.

Why You Should Use GPS Tracker Systems While Hunting

Requests for hunting permits and licenses have increased in recent years. That probably means a lot of people with less experience heading into untamed areas. Those new hunters definitely need some technological assistance.

If you have a lot of experience, you could still benefit from carrying a GPS device.

If you haven’t taken GPS tracker systems on hunts before, you might wonder why you need help from technology. A lot of experienced hunters find that GPS makes their expeditions safer and more rewarding in the following ways.

Stay Within Property Lines

Hunters always need to respect property lines. That’s not easy when you’re in the woods or brush, though. Owners don’t always want to spend money erecting fences in places they rarely visit. And you could walk by an aging “Private Property” sign without seeing it.

A GPS device can show your precise position on a map. LandAirSea trackers use the SilverCloud mobile app. Just install it on your smartphone so you can check your location periodically. If you see that you’ve moved onto someone else’s territory, find the most efficient route out before you resume hunting. The last thing you want to do is bag prey on someone else’s land.

Mark Locations With Large Animal Populations

When you find a place with a large animal population, you want to mark that location so you can return on future hunting trips. You can mark your location on a paper map, but you probably won’t have precise coordinates. At best, you can use the paper map as a general guide when you return. As time passes, though, the memories fade.

GPS tracker systems with digital maps eliminate this problem. When you find a location you want to remember, add a virtual pin to the spot. On your next trip, follow GPS directions so you can head right back to the place you had such good luck.

Never Get Lost Again

Accidents can happen when you’re traversing unknown land in search of the perfect hunting spot. People who have only hiked well-marked trails don’t understand how easy it is to get lost. Once you leave that beaten path, everything starts to look similar.

GPS trackers ensure you find your way back to your campsite, cabin, house, or vehicle. Why run the risk of getting lost when GPS can show you the quickest path to your destination?

Get Help When You Need It

Hunting accidents happen. You can follow all of the safety rules, but there is still a chance that someone will get shot, injure themselves in falls, or get sick.

You can’t prevent every type of accident, but you can prepare for them by carrying a reliable GPS tracker. If you need to call for help, you can use LandAirSea’s mobile app to share your precise location with rescuers.

Which GPS Tracker Systems Should You Take On Hunts?

LandAirSea (LAS) makes two GPS tracker systems that could help you enjoy more successful hunts.

LAS 54

The LAS 54 is a great option for anyone who wants a reliable GPS tracker with a lightweight, compact build. The 54’s dimensions measure 2.275 inches deep and 0.945 inches high. You can easily carry it in your pocket, backpack, or rifle case.

Don’t discount the 54 because of its small size. It has a durable exterior that’s dustproof and waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about damaging it. It also has an impressive battery life that can last from one to three weeks, depending on how often you want the 54 to communicate its location.

LAS Overdrive

The LAS Overdrive has a slightly larger build to accommodate a bigger battery that gives you up to four weeks of power. You still get the benefits of a waterproof, dustproof exterior. The only real difference is that you rarely need to recharge the Overdrive’s battery, making it the better choice for long excursions.

SilverCloud Features

All LandAirSea GPS tracker systems can use the SilverCloud app’s innovative features, including:

  • Real-time location tracking anywhere in the world.
  • Maps that help you avoid private property you don’t have permission to access.
  • Historical playback that lets you find locations where you had the most success during your hunt.

It’s important to choose a GPS tracker that’s right for you. If you want help comparing GPS tracker systems and data plans, please send a message to [email protected].