All You Need To Know About How GPS Deters Theft When Traveling

A traveler’s worst nightmare is having to deal with lost or stolen luggage while you’re off exploring the world away from home. No one wants to think about crime and theft while you’re on vacation, but, time and time again, travelers and tourists report stories of getting robbed, having their valuables stolen, or losing their luggage while they are traveling.

Before you take your next trip, you can take some steps to ensure that you will be completely ready in the event of an emergency like this. Portable GPS units for traveling offer a sure way to track your luggage, electronic devices, and other valuables no matter where you are. GPS tracking units are the perfect accessory for tourists on the go. They offer a long list of benefits and are a quick and simple solution to combat lost and stolen property. But how can GPS stop theft? Read on to find out more.

How Can GPS Stop Theft?

GPS (global position system) units use smart satellite technology to keep track of a bag’s location. GPS offers the most expansive coverage worldwide, and that coverage is getting more and more comprehensive every day.

GPS units for traveling help prevent theft and loss by making sure you can easily find your things when they are out of sight. The tracking units are devices that receive information from GNSS satellites. Over 30 satellites send signals to GPS units via trilateration, a process that identifies and calculates the location of your personal belongings. Placing a GPS unit in a backpack, for instance, can help you track its location at all times.

Do I Need GPS Units For Traveling?

Thieves usually tend to follow the same basic strategy. They go for small, lightweight objects like jewelry, watches, wallets, and purses first. The second most common things stolen include electronics, like laptops, phones, etc. If you have a smaller, rolling suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack, these are easy for thieves to run off with as well.

Cars have long had GPS tracking on them so that vehicle owners can find out where their car is in the event of a theft. More recently, software has made it possible to incorporate anti-theft and anti-loss tracking into tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. The apps let you remotely monitor the device through its GPS locator, finding its exact location on a map.

This is a wonderful feature, but there are some issues with it. For one, the owner of the device has to make sure to have the proper settings in place on the phone to allow for GPS tracking. Secondly, on many devices, the GPS locator only works when the phone is powered on, meaning you won’t be able to locate it if the battery runs down.

Also, non-electronic devices don’t have the same luxury of having a GPS locator built in. That’s why GPS units for traveling are the perfect solution for protecting your valuables and belongings while you are traveling.

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How Accurate Is A GPS Tracker?

People often prefer GPS trackers over other options because most GPS trackers offer incredible accuracy. The reported location of the tracker can typically be pinpointed down to mere feet of the actual physical location of the object. This means you can identify the location of your belongings with confidence, making sure that your stuff is safe or that authorities can help you find stolen things with ease and speed.

Of course, the accuracy of GPS units for traveling can vary, depending on the signal range, capacity of the tracker, receiver, and app. Some trackers have much shorter signals and are only helpful for locating belongings inside your home. You want to make sure you choose a tracker with a wide signal range. The mobile app used to connect your smart device with GPS units for traveling is also important. You want to make sure you have a product with a reliable app that can track the signal from your tracker easily.

GPS Tracking Solutions From LandAirSea

The best way to protect your belongings while you’re on vacation is with a GPS tracking device like the LandAirSea 54. The LandAirSea 54 location sharing and tracking system attaches easily to any metal surface. Its small size (0.945 inches long by 2.275 inches wide) also makes it a stealthy option that potential thieves will not spot until it’s too late.

Featuring a portable, waterproof design with a built-in super-strength magnet, the GPS tracker is small enough to attach to vehicles or tuck into pockets, purses, bags, and backpacks. You can set up the tracking device to send you custom alerts and notifications when you need them. For instance, you can get notified when the item with the tracking unit starts moving, when it leaves a certain designated area, what speed it is traveling at, or how long it has been in one location.

You can also get text and email alerts, track the device’s location on a map, and view historical playbacks. These easy-to-use GPS units for traveling give you multiple methods to stay in the know wherever it is located. Configuring customized notifications helps you get the most out of your GPS units for traveling.

Final Word

One of the worst travel scenarios is having to deal with lost or stolen baggage. Losing valuable items, like electronic devices, is difficult because it can be a considerable expense to replace them. And having wallets, purses, and other luggage stolen can mean enormous hassles if the thief gets away with your passport, credit cards, cell phone, and other essentials. With intelligent GPS units for traveling, you don’t have to worry any longer.

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