Tracking Your Fleet: A Guide

Companies own fleets for several reasons. Owning a fleet of vehicles can make it easier to deliver items to local customers, plan long-distance shipping, and avoid the cost of renting cars for business trips. Once you decide to get a fleet, though, you need to consider ways to keep track of your fleet with GPS.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about some benefits of using GPS units for tracking company vehicles and which GPS units will likely match your needs.

Benefits Of Tracking A Fleet Of Cars With GPS

Why should you think about tracking a fleet of cars with GPS? Depending on the type of company you operate, the right GPS units could benefit several aspects of your business.

Enforce Safe Driving

Motor vehicle crashes lead to more than 36,000 deaths in the United States each year. Of course, many more crashes contribute to injuries, higher insurance premiums, repair costs, and business interruptions.

No matter how much training you give employees, you cannot ensure they drive safely once they leave your parking lot. GPS units change that. When you keep track of your fleet with GPS, you can get alerts when someone breaks speed limits or drives erratically.

You can even keep a history of employee driving habits to address common problems during future training sessions.

Know When Vehicles Need Maintenance

Tracking a fleet of cars with GPS gives you the accurate, objective data you need to plan for maintenance. If you rely on drivers to log and report miles, human error will always cause some problems. It’s better to let software do the job. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs and keeping more of your vehicles in the fleet instead of in the garage.

Optimize Driving Routes To Save Money And Improve Customer Services

Gas prices change daily, so you never know how much you will spend fueling your fleet. However, you can minimize costs as much as possible by using GPS units to find the most efficient routes for your vehicles.

GPS units for tracking company vehicles can also contribute to better customer services by:

  • Reducing the amount of time it takes to reach a customer’s location.
  • Making it possible to predict when you will arrive.
  • Sending notifications that let customers know where their deliveries are.

How you use GPS to optimize routes and improve customer services will vary by the type of clients you serve. Whether you deliver packages to local consumers or ship containers to warehouses all over the country, it helps to keep track of your fleet with GPS.

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Vehicle thefts have been increasing for at least two decades. The most recent data from the FBI shows that 721,885 motor vehicle thefts were reported in 2019.

GPS adds a layer of security that helps prevent successful vehicle thefts. Even if someone steals a car, van, or truck from your fleet, you can use GPS data to help law enforcement locate the missing vehicle.

You might find that hiding your GPS units where thieves can’t find them makes it easier for law enforcement to recover your vehicle.

The Best GPS Units For Tracking Company Vehicles

You’ll get the most benefits by choosing the right GPS units for tracking company vehicles. The following stand out as some of the best options from LandAirSea (LAS).

LandAirSea Sync

The LandAirSea SYNC is an appealing option because it plugs directly into vehicle OBD II ports. It draws all of its power from the port, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries or charging it between uses.

Other benefits of LandAirSea SYNC GPS units for tracking company vehicles include:

  • Real-time location accuracy within six feet.
  • 100% historical playback.
  • Arrival and departure notifications.
  • Geofence alerts.
  • Speed alerts.
  • Satellite and 4G LTE support that keeps for continuous connectivity.

LandAirSea 54

The LAS 54 GPS device has a compact waterproof and dustproof design that makes it useful for all environments. The small size and internal magnet will help you attach it to places where thieves won’t spot it. You can also turn off its lights (Dark Mode) for even more stealth.

Other benefits of using the LAS 54 include:

  • Historical reporting that includes idle time, locations, and number of stops.
  • Geofence and speed alerts (text or email).
  • Ability to share locations with colleagues via the ShareSpot app.

The LAS 54 has a fairly long battery life. If you set it to send updates every 3 seconds to 3 minutes, you can expect the battery to last 1 to 3 weeks between charges. You will get a low-battery alert when it’s time to charge.

LAS Overdrive

The OVERDRIVE is similar to the LAS 54. The biggest difference is that the OVERDRIVE has a larger battery that keeps it powered up to 4 times longer than the 54. It’s also a little larger than the 54, but it’s still small enough to hide easily. The extra size is necessary for the longer battery life.

Contact LAS To Get The Best GPS Units For Tracking Company Vehicles

LAS has plenty of experience working with clients that have commercial fleets. If you want help choosing the right GPS tracking device for your fleet, feel free to contact our office via email or phone at 847-462-8100.