Cruising Safely: How GPS Systems Contribute To A Smooth Boating Experience On The Water This Summer

Nearly 100 million Americans go boating in oceans, lakes, bays, and rivers yearly, and it’s easy to see why. Cruising on the open water, with waves gently rocking against your boat, offers a tranquil experience that helps you forget the pressures of daily life. 

Wherever you plan to go boating this summer, think about safety! Being on the water, perhaps miles from shore, can pose various hazards that put you and your fellow travelers at risk. 

Thankfully, GPS systems help you cruise safely by generating real-time data about your location on the water. Learn more about how GPS systems improve your summer boating experience below. 

Improve Boat Navigation

GPS systems receive signals from GPS satellites orbiting the planet and determine the location of anything attached to them, such as a boat. That allows you to find your exact position on a river, lake, ocean, or other body of water at any time. Handheld GPS devices display these location insights on a screen, while GPS trackers send location data to a connected mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. 

Whatever GPS system you use, these products make it easy to plan boating routes and improve navigation. For example, you can find the quickest way to travel in your boat across a lake on a live map. GPS systems also let you identify hazards that might result in an undesirable boating experience, such as rough waters. The great thing about GPS systems is that they don’t rely on Wi-Fi or cellular signals, so you can identify your location even on remote bodies of water, apart from in rare occurrences of signal interference. 

LandAirSea (LAS) has a wide range of GPS trackers that can improve boat navigation. These products sync with the Silvercloud app, available on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to view your live location when in a boat. You can also save your favorite boating locations on the app and plan the best routes this summer. 

Calculate Boat Speed

GPS systems calculate your boat’s speed by comparing how fast it takes to move between locations. Knowing your boat speed will ensure you don’t travel too fast in your vehicle and improve safety for your fellow passengers. 

LAS’ GPS trackers not only calculate boat speed but send you notifications on your mobile device when traveling too fast, prompting you to slow down. You can customize these speed alerts in the Silvercloud app and ensure a smooth boating experience on the water this summer.

The great thing about LAS’ GPS trackers is that they are small, measuring only a few inches in height, width, and diameter. That makes them more discrete than handheld GPS systems like TomTom and Garmin. LAS devices can attach to various areas of your boat with their provided magnets and cables, providing more flexibility than handheld systems when calculating speed. 

Theft Protection

Some GPS systems can prevent criminals from stealing your boat after you dock it or leave it on the water. GPS trackers, for example, let you view the live location of your vehicle at any time on your mobile device and quickly take action if someone moves it from its original position. 

LAS devices with Sharespot allow you to send the live location of a stolen boat to law enforcement, who might be able to retrieve the vehicle for you. You can also set up something called a geofence — a virtual parameter around a real-world location on a map, such as a boat dock. If your boat moves from your geofence, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device and can view your vehicle as it moves to a new location. 

In the event of theft, LAS’ Sharespot feature will also let you share location data with your insurance company. Doing so will prove someone stole your vehicle and provide insurers with the information required to honor your claim and release funds. 

Stay Safe On The Water

If an emergency happens when boating, GPS systems could save lives. Say your boat starts to sink, but you can’t get a signal on your phone because you are in a remote location. Some devices let you share your GPS coordinates with authorities, who will be able to find your whereabouts on the water and come and rescue you. 

Again, LAS devices let you share location with authorities through Sharespot. This process is as easy as opening the Silvercloud app on your phone and sharing your whereabouts. By knowing your exact GPS coordinates, search and rescue teams will find you quicker, preventing a worst-case scenario from occurring. 

How LAS Can Improve Your Boating Experience This Summer

LAS devices let you share location information with authorities, help you find a stolen boat, generate boat speed notifications, and enhance navigation when on the water. With more than 25 years of experience in the GPS surveillance sector, LAS has worked with organizations in various industries that want to improve asset protection, safety, and performance. 

Here are the best LAS devices for a smoother boating experience this summer:

LandAirSea 54

The LandAirSea 54 has a long-lasting battery and connects to various areas of your boat, such as under a seat, with its provided magnets. This product also has Sharespot, letting you send location information to law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and loved ones. The 54 is dustproof and waterproof, making it a good choice for boating, and offers speed alerts and battery alerts. It also has a dark mode, which makes setting up the device easy in nighttime conditions. 

LandAirSea Sync

The LandAirSea Sync attaches to the OBI II port in a car, meaning you can’t use it for boating. However, this product proves useful for protecting your automobile during boating trips. For example, you can attach the Sync to your car when it’s parked near a river, lake, or other body of water. Setting up a geofence around your parked car will enable you to receive notifications if someone moves your vehicle from its original location. 

Other features of the Sync include speed alerts, geofence alerts, and arrival and departure notifications. 

LandAirSea Overdrive

You can attach the LandAirSea Overdrive to different areas of your boat with the provided magnets. This product is dustproof and waterproof and has a battery that provides up to four times more juice than the 54. Other features of the Overdrive include battery alerts, speed alerts, and a dark mode. 

Not sure which product to use for a smooth summer boating experience? Contact LAS to find the best GPS tracker for your circumstances! 

Cruise Safely This Summer With LAS

While all GPS systems generate location data when on the water, LAS trackers provide additional features that enhance your summer boating experience. Whether you choose the 54, Sync, or Overdrive, you’ll benefit from excellent customer service, flexible pricing, online tutorials, and easy set-up and activation. 

Order a GPS tracker for your boat today and cruise safely this summer. Alternatively, email [email protected] to find out more information about GPS trackers for boating.