GPS: The Best Way To Track Your Wine Shipments

Over 450 million nine-liter cases of wine were sold in the U.S. alone in 2021. Transporting this beverage requires logistical solutions that reduce the risk of products going missing or being stolen. The latest GPS technology can help wine manufacturers, merchants, stores, and transportation and logistic companies deliver wine without worrying about these threats. Learn more about GPS trackers and wine shipments below.

What Is GPS For Wine Shipments?

The global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite network that determines the precise location of an object on earth. GPS trackers have signals that ‘speak’ to satellites orbiting the planet, allowing users to track the location of high-value items like wine shipments on their desktop computer or smart device. This technology lets those who sell or distribute wine monitor an expensive shipment in real time as it moves from one location to another.

Say you own a liquor store and ship cases of wine to customers around the country. You could attach a GPS tracker to a wine shipment and track its location as it leaves your store, and it becomes the responsibility of a logistics company. You can check the company’s route and whether they make any steps along the way. You can also share location data with your customer so they know when to receive your shipment.

Who Benefits From GPS Trackers And Wine Shipments?

The following businesses benefit from GPS tracking for wine shipments:

  • Wine manufacturers can track shipments to stores, bars, restaurants, and customers
  • Liquor stores and other retail outlets can track shipments to customers
  • Wine merchants can track shipments when importing and exporting wines to stores, bars, and restaurants

Logistics and transportation companies that are responsible for delivering wine can track shipments to stores, bars, restaurants, and customers

Why Should You Use GPS Trackers To Ship Wine?

Here are some of the reasons to track wine with GPS:

Theft Protection

Expensive wine shipments, like any other high-value item, are vulnerable to theft. A rogue employee working for a logistics company might steal your shipment, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Alternatively, someone might steal a wine shipment after a logistics company leaves it outside a store or a customer’s house. GPS trackers monitor your wine shipment from the moment it leaves its original location, allowing you to identify theft quickly.

The best GPS trackers, like those manufactured by LandAirSea, let you create a geofence — a virtual ringfence for a real-world geographic location — around your wine shipment. If your shipment leaves its geofence — a warehouse or delivery truck — you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You can then track the location of your shipment and notify law enforcement if you suspect theft.

Prevent Shipments From Going Missing

Sometimes, wine shipments might end up in the incorrect place or with the wrong person. GPS devices let you track a shipment as it moves between locations and quickly identify it if it goes missing. For example, you can track an international shipment if it gets caught in customs. You can also follow up on customer complaints about non-delivered items and discover if a shipment is still in a warehouse or another location.

Provide Evidence For Insurance Companies With GPS Trackers And Wine Shipments

If a wine shipment is stolen or goes missing, your insurance company might require evidence before it honors your claim. GPS trackers can provide historical location data about your shipment that you can share with your insurer and speed up the claims process.

Monitor Your Logistics Company

Your logistics provider might take longer than expected to deliver your wine shipment because they took the wrong route or dropped it at an incorrect address. GPS trackers provide information about how long it took your provider to ship your item, what route they took, and where they left your shipment. This information can help you decide whether you want to work with that provider again in the future.

Improve Employee Performance

If you own or manage a logistics company that delivers wine shipments, GPS trackers can monitor employee performance by providing insights about the routes employees take and whether they made any stops along the way. Using this information helps you identify top-performing team members and those needing additional training. Use GPS tracker data for performance reviews and improve workflows in your organization.

You might also want to choose a GPS tracker with a temperature sensor that measures the hotness and coolness of your wine shipments. Other technologies like Apple AirTags can’t measure temperature and can be easily discovered via smartphone apps, posing security risks.

Where To Place A GPS Tracker

There are various places you can position a GPS tracker to learn more about wine shipments:

On A Pallet Or Container

Placing a GPS tracker on a pallet or container that includes several cases of wine can help you track products as they move between locations. LAS’ GPS devices come with magnets and/or cables that attach easily to wine shipments, providing ongoing peace of mind.

On A Case Of Wine

It’s more likely that a criminal will swipe a case of wine from a pallet or container rather than steal an entire shipment. However, depending on the wine inside, a single stolen case could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. You could place GPS trackers on several cases in a shipment or the most expensive case.

In A Vehicle

If your logistics company is transporting wine by road, you can place a GPS tracker in a vehicle and ensure the shipment reaches its intended destination. You can also monitor your driver and see how long it takes them to deliver the shipment. Some of the most common places to position a GPS tracker in a vehicle include:

  • On the front bumper
  • In the glove box
  • On the lower side of the rear window
  • On the rear or front bumper
  • In the engine bay

GPS Trackers And Wine Shipments: How LAS Can Help

LAS has worked with manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies in various industries since 1994. The company has pioneered historical and real-time GPS tracking surveillance technology, helping companies protect their most valuable assets.

Here are some products that help you track wine with GPS:

LandAirSea 54 With Sharespot

LandAirSea 54 is a waterproof and dustproof GPS tracker that attaches to a wine shipment or vehicle with its provided industrial-strength magnets. It also contains a sensor that monitors the temperature of your wine shipment. LandAirSea 54’s ShareSpot feature lets you share location information with law enforcement, customers, insurers, and team members on your smartphone or desktop computer. Other features include geofence alerts and speed alerts.

LandAirSea Sync

This GPS tracker attaches to the OBD II port in a vehicle, removing the need for batteries. You can track your wine shipment with geofence alerts and generate arrival and departure notifications that you can share with customers and retailers.

LandAirSea Overdrive

This GPS tracker has a battery that lasts three-to-four times longer than the LandAirSea Sync, providing you with more value. You can attach it to a shipment or vehicle with the provided magnets and track wine with GPS on your computer or smartphone. Other features include geofence alerts and a dark mode.

Not sure which product to use? Contact the LAS team for more information about GPS trackers and wine shipments.

LAS also provides:

  • Excellent customer service
  • No contracts, activation fees, or hidden costs
  • GPS devices for multiple other industries
  • A pay-as-you-go subscription model for selected devices
  • Activate your new device online in a few simple steps

Tutorials, FAQs, videos, and other online resources for installing, activating, and troubleshooting your GPS tracker
LAS’ products are up to 80% cheaper than other trackers on the market today.

GPS Trackers And Wine Shipments: Final Word

Wine is an expensive commodity that you can’t afford to lose. Tracking your wine shipments with GPS devices protects against theft and missing items, provides evidence for insurance companies, and lets you monitor the companies or employees responsible for delivering products.

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