How Oil And Gas Companies Rely On GPS Trackers

LandAirSea’s asset management and tracking solutions support the day-to-day operations of your oil and gas business. Our GPS trackers protect valuable assets, including:

  • Gas trucks
  • Oil trucks
  • Electric trucks
  • Tankers
  • Expensive equipment

You can also use our GPS devices to track the performance of employees and contractors, provide evidence of stolen vehicles and equipment to law enforcement and insurance companies, and speed up operational workflows. LAS devices generate real-time location insights about your valuables on your desktop or smartphone, providing ongoing peace of mind.

We’ve worked with oil and gas businesses and related companies since our inception in 1994. As pioneers of surveillance technology, you can trust us to fulfill your ever-evolving GPS needs.

What We Do

LAS manufactures GPS units for gas trucks, oil trucks, tankers, other vehicles, and valuable equipment that cost thousands of dollars to replace. Attach one of our devices to a high-value item to:

  • Prevent theft and quickly recover stolen items
  • Identify missing vehicles and equipment
  • Monitor inventory
  • Track employee performance
  • Save mileage
  • Optimize asset allocation

Why You Need GPS Units For Gas Trucks And Other Assets

Here are some use cases for our GPS trackers in the oil and gas industry:

  • Create a geofence — a virtual boundary for a real-world location — around the area you park your gas and oil trucks. Attach one of our devices to a truck and receive notifications on your smartphone when it leaves its geofence outside of working hours, suggesting someone has stolen the vehicle.
  • Place a tracker in a truck and monitor the person who drives the vehicle. You can learn how long the drive takes to reach their destination, what route they take, and whether they stop during the journey.
  • Provide historical data to insurance companies if someone steals a commercial vehicle or equipment. That can prove and speed up your claim and generate the funds you need to replace a stolen item.
  • Boost efficiency by analyzing transportation routes taken by drivers. You can find the quickest ways to get to a destination and save on gas costs.
  • Improve customer experience by providing clients with location insights about dispatching and shipment procedures. You can share information with clients about how long it will take to receive your products.
  • Minimize liability with driving report notifications. Learn which drivers are speeding and use this information for performance reviews and training.
  • Our devices are small enough not to be noticed by employees and criminals, helping you identify theft and track performance efficiently. Attach one of our trackers to a vehicle or other asset with the provided magnets or cables and start tracking location insights on your desktop or through our Silvercloud app on your mobile device.

The Benefits Of GPS Units For Gas Trucks And Other High-Value Items

Here are some advantages of investing in our GPS products:

Improve Security

Vehicles and equipment in the oil and gas industry are expensive assets. If one of these items goes missing or gets stolen, you’re not only out of pocket but will experience a decrease in productivity until you receive a replacement. Our GPS trackers for transporting oil and gas add a layer of security to your business by safeguarding your valuables.

Say a rogue employee steals a gas truck from your business. If a GPS device is attached to the vehicle, you’ll be able to monitor the truck as it moves from one location to the next and see its final destination. Passing this information to law enforcement can help you locate and recover the vehicle quickly and catch the person responsible for the theft.

Improve Logistics

GPS trackers let you optimize logistical processes in your oil and gas business. Tracking a vehicle’s real-time location on your computer or smartphone helps you identify where it is at any given moment and share this information with customers and partners. You can ask the driver to reroute the vehicle if you find a faster route to your desired location and improve dispatching and shipment times.

Improve Employee Performance

By tracking drivers who work for your business, you can learn how long it takes them to reach your destination and how many breaks they take on their journey. Use this information to identify drivers who are not pulling their weight and those who excel at their jobs. Our GPS units for gas trucks, oil trucks, and other vehicles can be a powerful tool for employee performance, providing real-time insights about what happens on the road.

Find Missing Equipment

If items go missing, either on- or off-site, GPS units for gas trucks and other valuables can help you identify and recover assets quickly. For example, placing a GPS device on a hydrogen sulfide monitor will let you retrieve this item if an employee loses it. That can prevent you from purchasing new equipment, which improves your bottom line.

Get More Accurate Location Information

The right GPS trackers can provide more accurate location insights than the GPS in your smartphone, making them a valuable addition to your business. You can also track a vehicle 24 hours a day without leaving your smartphone inside the vehicle.

Our GPS Devices For The Oil And Gas Industry

Here are the LAS products that help with your day-to-day operations:

LandAirSea 54 With Sharespot

This waterproof and dustproof GPS tracker uses ShareSpot technology, letting you share location information with employees, insurance companies, customers, law enforcement officials, and others. It comes with industrial-strength magnets that attach the product to various locations on equipment or inside a vehicle.

LandAirSea Sync

This GPS tracker connects to the OBD II port in a commercial vehicle, saving you money on batteries. Other features include geofence alerts, speed alerts, and arrival and departure notifications.

LandAirSea Overdrive

LandAirSea Overdrive’s battery lasts three to four times longer than LandAirSea Sync. It comes with geofence alerts, speed alerts, a dark mode, and other features.

Not sure which product to use in your oil and gas business? Contact the LAS team for more information about GPS units for gas trucks and other assets.

Where To Place Our GPS Trackers

You can attach one of our devices to various pieces of equipment in your organization using the provided magnets or cables. Alternatively, put a GPS tracker in one of the following places in or on a vehicle:

  • Storage unit
  • Glove box
  • The lower side of the rear window
  • Rear or front bumper
  • Under one of the seats
  • Under the vehicle

How To View GPS Insights On Your Smartphone

Viewing our location insights on your smartphone is a simple process:

Download the SilverCloud app on your iPhone or Android.

Attach your GPS device to a vehicle or equipment with magnets or cables (LandAirSea Overdrive connects to the OB II in a vehicle).
Set up notification preferences on the Silvercloud app. Receive real-time alerts about your vehicle or equipment or track assets directly in the app.

Check out our videos and user guides for more information.

Tracking Solutions For Other Industries

In addition to providing GPS trackers for transporting gas and oil, LAS protects the following assets:

  • Airport shuttles
  • ATVs, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles
  • Camping and hiking equipment
  • Golf course equipment
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Personal vehicles
  • Rental equipment
  • Trailers