How GPS Tracking For Organ Donations Is Saving Lives!

How GPS Tracking Is Helping Organ Transport

Organ donations and transferring those precious cargos across the United States is a complicated and demanding operation, but GPS telematic solutions are making the process easier!

There is no denying that we’re living in a technological golden age. Things that weren’t possible only a few years ago are now possible. One area that we are continuing to improve on is organ donation and transportation.

When it comes to organ transplants, the most precious commodity apart from the organ being donated is time. Organs often must make their way across the country in record time and involve a long chain of delivery personal that are specially trained to accomplish this task. For the patient receiving the organ to have the highest chance of transplant success, it must arrive as quickly as possible.

LifeShare of Oklahoma is no stranger when it comes to the demanding challenges of organ transportation and delivery. LifeShare of Oklahoma has teamed up with LandAirSea to track their organ deliveries across the country using the latest in premium, high-quality GPS telematic solutions. Now, surgeons waiting on organs can have real-time tracking data on where organs are and how long it will be until they arrive at their hospital.

Only a few years ago, Dr. Randall Sung, the Professor of Surgery and Surgical Director of Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation at Michigan Medicine, asked an important question, ‘If I can see my pizza being delivered, why can’t we have the same technology to track delivery of organs?’ It made perfect sense.

If you could sit at home and watch your food or Uber driving around the city on the way to your home, why couldn’t you do the same with something so priceless as an organ delivery?

When an organ is generously donated, it either goes to someone local or travels outside of the state to a patient that’s in desperate need. Organs sometimes move hundreds of thousands of miles involving ground transportation, air transportation as well as multiple people. The previous tracking method involved drivers checking in at specific times along the route to log their position.

Now, when an organ is being transported, a link is sent directly to all parties involved, including the transplant team, who can then login and track its movement across the state or country.

‘This is a prime example of organ procurement organizations exploring opportunities to maximize the gifts from donation,’ Said Jeffrey Orlowski, President, and CEO of LifeShare. ‘At LifeShare, we are proud to be part of pioneering new techniques that will ultimately save more lives.’

LandAirSea has a variety of telematic solutions to suit any application and is proud to be working with organizations such as LifeShare, Oklahoma. If you would like to learn more about how LandAirSea could help you protect your assets or improve your business operations, then please don’t hesitate to contact them directly. When it comes to high-quality GPS products, and excellent customer service, the professional team at LandAirSea, has you covered.