How To Track Company Cars With GPS Units Made For Vehicles

Whether your company owns a large fleet of vehicles or you have a few cars for out-of-town trips, you must know how to track company cars. GPS units for company cars work extremely well because they let you monitor driving behaviors and can provide the information law enforcement needs to find stolen vehicles.

Not all GPS units for company cars give you the same features, though, so you should explore your options and choose one that matches your unique needs.

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Why You Need To Know How To Track Company Cars

At first, GPS units for company cars might seem like an unnecessary expense. Once you look at the facts, though, you will see that it makes sense to know how to track company cars. You might even save money in the end.

Protect Your Business From Auto Theft

Auto theft has trended downward for several years. That’s great news for everyone who owns a vehicle. Even with the lower theft rate, criminals stole about 810,400 vehicles in 2020. The value of those stolen vehicles comes to approximately $7.4 billion.

GPS units for company cars can’t ensure that no one steals your vehicles. They can, however, alert you of suspicious behavior and give law enforcement the information they need to find your stolen vehicle. Without GPS location technology, you have very little chance of recovering your company cars.

Lower Your Insurance Rate With Safe Driving

Nearly every state requires vehicle owners to carry insurance. Even if your state doesn’t, you want insurance to protect your business from liability and high repair, or replacement, costs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for insurance providers to raise your premium. Even a minor moving violation can increase insurance premiums by 10 to 15%.

When you know how to track your company cars, you gain some control over how your employees drive. They know that you can always review the GPS records for signs of speeding, reckless driving, and other dangerous behaviors. By encouraging them to drive more safely, you lower your risk of higher insurance premiums.

Improve Routes To Serve Clients And Customers Efficiently

You don’t need to coordinate long-haul trucks for GPS to help your business succeed. GPS units for company cars can help you serve clients and customers better just by letting you find efficient routes without much traffic.

Additionally, you could save money on gasoline by choosing shorter, faster routes.

Tracking Your Company Cars With GPS

LandAirSea (LAS) has several GPS units for company cars that might suit your unique needs. Buying GPS units helps, but it doesn’t solve every problem. The following steps should make your GPS tracking more effective.

Hide GPS Units Where Thieves Won’t Find Them

If thieves think your vehicles have GPS units, they might find the devices and throw them away. Know the right spots to place a tracker on your motor vehicles so you know their locations at all times.

The right location will depend on your vehicle and GPS unit. You might choose to put a LAS 54 under the hood or in the trunk. It’s small enough to go practically anywhere.

The LAS SYNC plugs directly into an ODB II port for continuous power and effective tracking.

Let Employees Know You Put GPS Units In Company Cars

GPS units for company cars will only stop bad driving behavior when employees know that you monitor them. Make sure everyone driving your vehicles understands that you can view precise locations in real-time, which means you can identify everything from speeding to weaving through traffic.

When people seem to break the rules, plan to meet with them in person or send them an email notification warning them to drive safely.

Use Reliable Software That Connects To Your GPS Units

GPS units for company cars need reliable software that can display information and give you better control over your devices. LAS GPS units use SilverCloud software that has versions for mobile devices and desktop computers.

With SilverCloud, you can get real-time updates. You can also set boundaries, rules, and notification options. For example, you might tell the software to send you a text message when a vehicle leaves your parking lot after business hours. You could also have SilverCloud email you when employees speed in a company car.

Talk To LandAirSea To Find The Right GPS Unit For Your Vehicles

LAS can help you learn how to track company cars with our GPS units and software. Regardless of your commercial fleet’s size, you can benefit from GPS units for company cars.

Contact our office so we can help you choose the right GPS devices for your vehicles.